Sunday, September 1, 2013

Druid Week: Retrospective

     Well Seish and Tai between the two of them contrived to monopolize most of my playtime this week. But I did at least manage to spend a little time on each of the druids. So here is what they ended up doing.
     Tiuli was first and she did end up making her way safely to the Valley of the Four Winds, with a few stops for herbs on the way. She also picked up her: 'A Worthy Opponent' Achieve by killing Aethis the Jinyu. She was in resto spec so burning him down with moonfire and wrath took quite some time but she managed it! I left her spending some time with Chen Stormstout in the Valley ready to embark on more quests when the time presents itself.
     Macangus was second. I'd forgotten how little I'd really done in Jade Forest with him. He didn't make it all the way to buy his new gear but he did finish several quests and get some new stuff that way and reminded me that while I hadn't been enjoying druid tanking in dungeons so much (probably because my brain is too stuck in paladin mode) that being a bear and ripping up big groups while questing really is a LOT of fun. He is currently camped on the former Alliance air base ready to start winning over the hozen.
     Elyn got left 'til last. One dungeon run, a bit of questing some pet battling and I designed her a transmog for when she grows up. What is funny to me is that I sat down with Mogit, put this outfit together and then when I saved it realized I had started and saved another one for her already that I didn't remember doing. When I looked at it, I realized that whenever I'd done that I had picked the same robe, shoulders and head. So apparently I really like those for her.
     So that was Druid week. And because my brain is stuck on WoW time I was originally planning on posting this Monday because I had it in my head that of course the new week started on Tuesday. Having sorted that out tomorrow will start what will probably be an entire week full of nothing but hunter posts. Because I love them almost as much as paladins.

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