Monday, September 30, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week: Priests

Day 30: Found
Look what Thera the rogue found while questing in Townlong Steppes.Yeah, I don't know.

Laeleiweyn over at World of Lae has come up with the idea for several weeks of Alt Appreciation. And this week it's Priests. So I looked through my roster to see what I had. I don't have many priests. Two, actually, and neither of them is anywhere near max level. The other surprising thing I noticed is that they're both Alliance. I play mostly Horde, but I do not have a Horde Priest! Without further ado, meet my priests:

Level 42 Shadow Priest
     I made Corbin at the very tail end of Cataclysm when I was looking for something to do and decided to  help out with leveling in a friend's guild. Decided to try something I hadn't played before. I was having fun with him for a bit, but when the new patch hit just before Mists I didn't bother figuring out what his new rotation was like. I still don't know, really though I did try to do a little pvp on him very briefly with the husband's ally rogue one day.

Level 27 Discipline Priest
     Arthurian names again, can't seem to resist sticking those on my human characters. Ysolde was made to level with my husband's paladin tank. They got in a few days worth of questing and one or two dungeon runs and that, so far has been that. I do like Ysolde, priest healing does seem like it could be kind of fun.

     Which leads me to what I'm considering for this week. I might make a Horde priest. It seems wrong that I don't have one, and well I always enjoy having an excuse to make more alts, even though I really don't need them. If I do, they'll get a post later in the week, but in the mean time... enjoy my priests.

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