Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Screenshot Day 18

Day 18: Vintage
Can't help wondering if the wine they've got out on the Isle of Thunder is a good vintage or just okay.

     And the Isle of Thunder is where Seish spent some time today. Still grinding up the last little bit of rep for the Black Prince. Yeah... I'm behind. Currently Seish is at 9/20 Secrets of the Empire and 30/40 of the Trillium. If I actually do what I should and hit every wing of Throne of Thunder this week I'm hoping I can finish this quest. Probably only a few days of rep grinding needed. Less if I just went out and farmed kills for it, but I prefer structuring that around the dailies. Makes it feel more manageable and has the lovely side effect of netting Seish some pocket change while he's working at it.
     Seish did the first wing of Siege of Orgrimmar LFR last night with Divi and Taiki. It was interesting. I'm glad we get cut scenes in this one! I love getting the gear and that's part of the motivation for me, but I also love the story so I'm happy when there are cut scenes and NPCs talking. Seish got a new sword! Apparently he's finally broken his bad luck trend from Cataclysm. He never did get Gurthalak.
     Tyl spent a little time on the Isle of Thunder today too. Had popped over to the Timeless Isle to pick up his Blazing Chest and when I'd finished someone was putting together a Nalak group so I joined in. It ended up being a pretty small group, so it took us a while to get him down, but everybody was really well coordinated and it did get accomplished. :D I think I had more fun in that run than I've had in a lot of the bigger group kills I've been in on. But this has only reinforced my awareness that Tyl really, really needs a new bow. His weapon and one trinket are really the main things holding his item level down, so he'll probably have to hit Throne of Thunder to have another shot at Tortos this week.

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