Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 3 and Hunter Week Continued

Day 3: Lines
Fishing Lines. And lines in general. And Tai fishing with Pandarens which is a thing he does. 

Tyl's Day

     I've decided that for hunter's week. Tyl and Aug each need a whole day. They've got pretty big goals and are characters I play a fair bit. So today is about Tyl. Tomorrow will be about Aug and the rest of the week will be divided among the rest of the hunter alts.
     My goal for Tyl this week was to get him through the first wing of Throne of Thunder. Mission Accomplished. Even if all my loot rolls ended like this. 
     And I may try doing the second wing on him since there's the whole rest of the day available. Would be nice to replace his very subpar weapon if Tortos will see fit to drop one.
     There are a lot of other things I'd like to post about Tyl and at some point I'll do a post for his mog, since I'm rather fond of it. In the meantime here's a picture of his roster of favorite stampede pets. (Beast Mastery hunters get the best stampedes!)
The pets (from left to right): Ironfang, Hellshade, Bloodstone, Dreadghost, and of course Snowthorn.


  1. Dreadghost is so pretty! <3 And Snowthorn is amazing as always. ^_^

    1. And I love the shot of Tai fishing with the Pandarens. :D Its super cute.

    2. So glad you liked the screenshot. And yeah Tyl has some pretty awesome pets.