Friday, September 20, 2013

It's still Monk Week!

Day 20: In the Morning
There was a monkless version of this shot, because the view was lovely. Then I thought, hey it's monk week and Tai's my only character who is a serious morning person. So enjoy Tai doing his morning exercises.

     And because it's still monk week I talked myself out of doing LFRs on Seish this morning and went to focus on Vaelanys instead. (It's paladin week next week, Seish. You will get your turn.) Besides healing five mans is easier on my very sleep-deprived brain this morning than LFR would have been anyhow. And then there was the queue. Over half an hour long... then two declined invites before I finally got in.
     Vaelanys had already hit 69 from doing his monk daily and flying over to Netherstorm (exploration) and then doing a quest chain to pick up the last piece of armor I wanted for his transmog set. He is on an RP server, these things are important! So Mechanar got me well over halfway to 70. And partway through Utgarde Keep...
     And though I may have waited in the queues for what felt like aaaages. I got two groups full of nice people who all seemed to be very good players :) That's definitely worth the wait. Vaelanys' hearth is now set in Dalaran and he's ready for the next phase of his journey. And Mistweaving? Yep still fun!
     Hopefully I'll manage to get in some time on Rothorin later, see if I can hammer out what I'm doing as a Brewmaster again. (You better believe he's wearing that title too. :D) That, aside from the morning cooldown parade has been my WoW day so far.

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