Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monk Week Recap

Day 22: Made me smile
Perhaps I'm easily entertained, but the new animation for eating the noodles you can get from noodle carts make me smile. So does the view from the Shrine of Fellowship. Had a hard time deciding what to do for this screenshot, there are a lot of little things in WoW that make me smile. In the end I went with a thing that made me smile recently.  And it's Tai, because it's still monk week.

     When it came to my goals for monk week,  I didn't meet all of them so far. Didn't do much with transmogging for the monks I play with others. Haven't got Rothorin into tanking those dungeon runs, but the day isn't over yet, could still happen. Still I spent a lot of time on my monks this week. Vaelanys did get to level 70, got the last piece he needed for his transmog set, and moved to Northrend.
     Tai mastered two more of the Ways of cooking and is well on his way to Master of the Ways(only two left to master!). I've spent a bunch of time on his cooking and fishing the last few days. He also made his way up finally with Os to get the blazing chest on Timeless Isle and ended up with a 535 ring that pushes his ilvl up to 500.
     Tai and Os did another Karazhan run, but the boots for his new transmog set still didn't drop. Maybe next week. So at least a couple of my monks saw a lot of playtime this week.
     And to wind down my recap here is a list of ten things I love about monks(in no particular order). I think I'll end all my Alt Appreciation Week recaps this way from now on:

1. Roll/Chi Torpedo This has to be one of the best abilities ever. Every time I log from one of my monks to another class it seems like I spend a few minutes looking for my roll button.
2. Polearms. When Tai isn't using a one hand off hand combination I love being a healer with a spear.
3. Animations. I love that monks got a few unique animations for their abilities. They look awesome and add a great deal to the flavor of the class. As you can probably tell by my screenshots I have a lot of fun playing with these.
4. Mistweavers. Punching and kicking things in the face to make yourself (and your allies) feel better. This is a pretty awesome way to heal.
5. The spec names.
6. Class Quests. I really wish all of the classes got some flavor of these. Not only are they fun, but they give you a nice xp boost, some good gear to look forward to every ten levels, and they teach you about how to use some of your class abilities.
7. Spinning Crane Kick. Running through old instances to farm something? This makes it nice and fast.
8. Martial Arts. I studied Martial Arts when I was younger and I like that the flavor of the arts are incorporated into the class.
9. Playing around with leather gear for transmog. I like playing dress up and there's some awesome leather gear.
10. Being able to fill any role.

     I'm kind of sad monk week is over actually. Monks are probably easily my second favorite class in WoW. This is the first class I've ever healed on that I felt confident in what I was doing, and I just have so much fun when I'm playing my monks. It's been a lot of fun seeing other people's posts with their monk alts and mains. Apparently I'm not the only one with a monk that wants to steal my main's job. ;)


  1. That's an awsome list of "why to love monks". :D For me monk week isn't over yet... I got hooked on leveling my third monk, and thus I've only written 1 out of the 4 posts I planned yet. One post for each of my monks, and one similar to your list of spells which I like. I'll get to the posts eventually, though I'm very aware it's already paladin week, and even that week is almost over... Monks are too good to be limited to one week!

    1. Monks really are too good to be limited to one week! Tai keeps sneaking in his play time during paladin week too. There will be more on that when I do my next post more than likely. I can't wait to see more of your monk posts.