Saturday, September 14, 2013

Screenshot a Day 14

Day 14: Liquid
Things look different from under the water. Gives the whole world a liquid look.

     There will probably be more activity tonight. Early early this morning before I went to bed Tai and Os went around and killed a bunch of rares for their Glorious! Achievement. They only have one left to finish it. The pandaren rare took a stupid long time because it was late and my brain was not with it and it seems that there's been a change and paralyze no longer works to stop spinning crane kick. This resulted in a bunch of us dying to something we really shouldn't have because at that hour I could -not- wrap my mind around it and kept trying something that didn't work.
     For today though there hasn't been much yet. Daily cooldowns, I'm up to four characters that are doing them on consistently now (And there would be more if I wasn't so lazy about tailoring). Rim's BS cooldown, Tai's LW cooldown, Aug's LW cooldown, and Khaelyss the warrior engineer's cooldown. Then it was off to the Isle for a bit with Tyl. Got a new bracer which was one of the pieces he really needed replaced and managed to pick up the Azure Crane Chick. Finally! I've been looting every nest I come across on every character I've had over there for days! It's cute.
     Now I just have to get some of the rares to drop their goodies for me, and get around to catching a bird up to catch the Skywisp Moth. Oh... and level a few more pets to max and find the courage to try the Celestial Tournament. I'm a little afraid of that. I'm not a very good pet battler, and I don't have a very well rounded roster leveled up. Might have to make that my next project for when I'd ordinarily be sitting AFK. Level more pets. Even then the Tournament might be beyond my skill but maybe I'd feel more courage for trying it. :D

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