Thursday, September 12, 2013

Playing around on the Isle

Day 12: Shadow
Interesting tree shadows and part of the now destroyed Vale, which from some angles and in the night definitely still has its own kind of beauty.

     Been spending a lot of time on the Isle. Seish has done his share, Rim has been running around with Syri and sometimes Divi (the purple cow ret pally of awesome), and Tai's been spending some time over there with his best prot pally, Os. Seish was already at 510 when the patch hit so he hasn't really picked up anything on the isle he can use, though he did replace a chest with the cheaper Shado-Pan Assault gear to jump up to 512. Rim and Tai are both up to 496+ now and now I'm starting to put gear on characters I wasn't even worrying about.  Nyv and Aug are both up past 470 from gear others have sent to them and Thera the rogue who is only leveled for her lockpicking is wearing probably the first purples she's ever had.
     It is a very easy way to gear up alts and it's really kinda fun poking around for stuff. Aug still needs to pick up his leatherworking cooldown pattern so he'll get to slog around over there some more later but today Tyl finally got to head over. The goal is to get him up high enough to take part in killing Garrosh Alliance side and he's not far off. Probably going to have to save the coin to shell out for a new bow unless he gets lucky in the Throne of Thunder this week. But it seems manageable.
     In battle pet news, did a pet battle on Tai over there yesterday, caught a rare moth and got a battle stone that finally let me upgrade my Unborn Val'kyr to rare quality (she was poor). So now I can finally level her up and use her for battles! Then despite earlier terrible luck with Kukuru's chests I decided to let Tai invest in one of his Cache Keys 'cause Os had just told me they could drop a pet! I didn't expect any luck. Every key Tai had tried the day before had cost him 500 coins and gotten him back 50-350. But on his first key yesterday he looted Bonkers! And it's actually kind of cute!
     Still hunting for some of the other pets from there and hoping for a mount drop from Huolon, but so far no luck on anything else. And here's a bonus shot of Nyv in his brand spanking new set of untransmogged Isle gear with the now upgraded Val'kyr. It's been a pretty good week for my characters so far!
     I pretty much never mog Nyv. He wouldn't care so I don't bother. But dang I love the look of this gear on him so I probably wouldn't have mogged it anyhow.


  1. Beautiful shadow shot and Nyv's armor is very nice, indeed. The sets you pay special attention to always are, though. :)

  2. Thanks. I was really happy with that screenshot. Especially considering how long it took me to decide what I was doing for it. And Nyv's armor definitely looks much better than the hodgepodge of leveling gear he was wearing for quite a while. :)