Monday, September 2, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week: Hunters

     Hunters are a class near and dear to my heart. If I'm picking my top three favorite WoW classes to play hunters are on that list. I've got a lot of hunter alts. I have a tendency to keep rerolling more, though I've been trying to keep that to a minimum, because really I can only play so many of them. Still I managed to get two to 90 and I've got a few more scattered here and there on the way up.

The Roster


     90 Beast Mastery Hunter
     If I have a hunter main, Tyl's it. He's got his own spot on my Cast of Characters page and I go through streaks of playing him quite a lot. His cat there, Snowthorn is my favorite pet among all my hunters' pets. Tyl's almost always running with her, no matter what he's doing. He does some soloing, does runthroughs for friends' low lvl alliance alts. Does any alliance quest chains that come up that might be different than Horde side so I can see the story from both sides. He finished his Operation Shieldwall rep before Rim and Syri finished Dominance Offensive and he's proudly wearing his Hordebreaker title. 

     90 Survival Hunter
     Aug was leveled before Tyl. He was my first 85 hunter during Cata and did a lot of LFRs. I've been playing him less in MOP but he was still a priority for getting to 90 and he'll probably still eventually get geared up. I love him as a character and have so much fun putting together flashy transmogs for him. He's got a heck of a bow collection in his bank and I get tempted sometimes to build more mogs around my favorites.

     69 Beast Mastery Hunter
     Haath was my first Alliance hunter. Made to play with a friends warrior when we were still getting RAF experience. He hasn't been played much since because he has to wait for said friend to be available, but he still contrived to hit lvl 69 and finally live up to the spec I picked for him. Yay exotics!

     54 Beast Mastery Hunter
     Crescënt is the only character in my entire roster with one of those silly non standard letters in her name. I made her to help start an alliance guild with my husband and a few friends and I was determined she got to have the name of one of my oldest rp characters so funny codes it was. Since she's played strictly with two other characters she really doesn't get much play time. She does however have an almost completed transmog that is exactly what I wanted for her when I made her. And she does sometimes get to go on pet hunting expeditions without her leveling buddies. I really love this character. Kind of wish I got to play her more, but I also just enjoy her as she is, very slowly leveling with her friends.

     20 Marksmanship Hunter
     Thierrel is my one and only Worgen. I'd made a few other worgen alts, but never could stick with them. He's played with my friend's Worgen so again he doesn't get a lot of play time. But eventually I'll play him some and try to get a handle on Marksmanship which is the only hunter spec I don't really know. He lives on the server that was Tyl's home before he moved and Tyl was nice enough to buy him an heirloom before he left, so he's got that much going for him.

     11 Survival Hunter
     Got the urge to make yet another hunter. Didn't have one on Tai's server. Didn't have an orc. So here's Varrega. Tai already bought her a nice bow and she's already gone over to Silverpine and tamed the pet I knew she'd have: Ritha. Varrega and her trusty friend will probably be slowly solo leveling, maybe sneaking in a bit of pvp, but I'm in no rush to level.

     18 Beast Mastery Hunter
     This is a character that's near and dear to my heart. He was my first ever character on my own WoW account. When I started playing I knew I'd be playing a blood elf paladin. My friend had ordered me a copy of Burning Crusade but I had to wait a week for it to ship. So I made Zakuli and set off to explore some of the world while I waited. Obviously he didn't get too far, but he got to see the Isles before they changed for Cataclysm. He's wearing a bunch of heirlooms. Seish got him a bow and he's inherited all the leathers Macangus was wearing. So when he and his rogue friend (played by the friend I seem to play a lot of characters with) get back to questing he'll be well equipped. In the meantime he's comfortable in Orgrimmar, managing my tab in said friend's banking guild.

     Yeah I have a lot of hunter alts. And I want to try to doing a little something for each of them this week. So here are my goals:
Tyl: Get at least one full run through the first wing of Throne of Thunder so he can move on to the next. (Only other attempt he got in for the last boss.)
Aug: Finish gathering 150 of two more supplies to get one piece of gear from the Barrens and his Darkspear Revolutionary title.
Haath: He just hit 69. So time to go tame him an exotic pet or two. He needs a Devilsaur and a rhino. He just does.
Crescënt: Farm up some leather to try to catch up on her Leatherworking!
Thierrel: Design him a transmog so I can imagine him looking slightly less mismatched and ridiculous than he currently does.
Varrega: Gain a couple levels. Do some herbing.
Zakuli: Seish or Rim or somebody is shelling out the cash to get him the heirloom legs. He deserves them.


  1. I love Loque so much! After my original pet and Humar, he/she is absolutely my third favorite. It's nice to see that you have a goal for all your hunters this week. :)

  2. I love Loque too, but can't bring myself to try to tame that pet for any of my other hunters because it just seems to go with Tyl. I really like Humar too. Cat pets are my favorites, I think.