Friday, September 27, 2013

More Paladins

Have two days worth of Screenshots since I was lax on getting a post out yesterday
Day 26: Curve
This wasn't what I originally meant to use for this but I forgot to get screenshot of what I wanted, and this is pretty so here it is.

Day 27: WTF?
Seriously WTF?!

Random paladin week happenings:

     Wednesday night Seish spent a little time on the Timeless Isle. Not a lot happened except that once again I helped take down Zhu-Gon the Sour. Only this time he was nice enough to drop a pet. :D Now I've only got about a million more rare drop pets to get.
     Yesterday afternoon I finally queued Seish into the second wing of the SoO LFR. After a 40 minute queue...I came in on the trash before the last boss. I really wish there was some way the Raid Finder could check things and make sure you at least get a fresh run on your first time through. I won't say I'm not there for the shiny loots but I'm also really there for seeing it and was disappointed that I didn't get to see any of the first three bosses. We wiped twice on Nazgrim but then got him down. I was still standing on the final go because I hadn't stupidly stood in anything... or run into flying axes while answering the phone like I did on the second wipe.
       Last night Laen hit Level 20! He got riding and a key to Seish's extensive stable for his journeying enjoyment. He finished what I wanted to do in Ghostlands (Mostly the Dar'khan quests since I don't think I'd done them since Seish.)
     He left there at level 19 and had picked up a quest to talk to Lor'themar. About the time he was heading off to Silvermoon for that I saw Os' rogue alt asking for help on a quest in guild chat. They're about the same level and being the warm-hearted and helpful paladin he is Laen made his way straight to Orgrimmar and sprinted across Durotar and Barrens to help out. That got a bit more xp and then after all the back and forth between Lor'themar and Sylvanas it only took a couple (rather low level quests) in Barrens to get him level 20! The rogue reached 20 soon after so perhaps Laen will have some occasional company on his journey.
     And then even though it was late and I really should have gone to bed I popped over to Tai for a bit because I was still talking to SprYte on WoW and wasn't quite ready to sleep. In between conversation I flew over to give a shot at Proving Grounds again. I'd done them shortly after the patch, managed not to do any better than bronze on the heals. I'm still not very good at group healing due to learning in two-manning so I'm having to reteach myself some stuff. But last night on my first go I managed this much at least: 
     It's not very impressive compared to people doing waves of Endless but I worked hard for that and between my last attempt at it and this attempt I had drastically improved my technique. So it makes me proud. Later on some time I'll be going back and banging my head on gold until I manage it.

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