Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paladin Week Continued

Day 28: 10 o'clock
Where Seish was around 10 am server time. Waiting in a queue.

     And speaking of queues... why is the queue for the newest content 46 minutes long and the queue for Throne of Thunder only 15? It ended up being the Pinnacle of Storms LFR I did today rather than a second shot at maybe getting all the bosses in the second wing of Siege, so I'd have the achieve for next week. I just didn't have the time or inclination to sit in another 40+ minute queue. Got one more Secret of the Empire from that wing, from Lei Shen. Wondering if they nerfed the drop rates on them. Seish is at 10/20 on those and 40/40 Trillium. The rep part is done and handed in already.
     Last night I noticed that Os' rogue was doing some dungeons so I offered to join in. Laen healed two runs of Shadowfang Keep and one of Blackfathom Deeps that got him to level 24. And nobody died. Not a single person, not even the warrior tank who ran off ahead of the entire group through the entirety of Deeps and never bothered to look back. Laen was grateful for the rogue and shaman that helped peel stray adds off of him as they all ran to try and keep up. Not sure I'll ever understand why people queue for an instance as a group if they don't actually want to work together with anybody to do it.
     But that aside so far I'm enjoying paladin healing, though it's low level and relatively low stress so far. We'll see how I feel about it as Laen keeps progressing. I'm really looking forward to leveling him some more.

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