Saturday, September 7, 2013

Of Hunters and Mogs

Day 7: White
I knew I'd take this one in Storm Peaks. It's one of my very favorite zones and there's a lot of white. But this isn't what I had in mind for the shot. I'm not sure what it is, actually. But it's neat and white and had little floaty snowflakes in it and I sat and watched it bounce around for a while.

Hunter Week: Crescënt and Thierrel

     I almost forgot about poor Thierrel. I've done so little with him since he and his leveling buddy made it out of Gilneas. But luckily for him I was looking over my hunter list and remembered I'd promised him a transmog design. I use Mogit. It's an amazing add-on that makes flight paths interesting and periodically distracts me from doing anything at all constructive in game. So I hopped onto Thierrel and used Mogit to whip him together a transmog.
     There's something about having a transmog in mind for a character that makes it more exciting for me to level them. I can imagine what they'll look like at max level, and sometimes in picking out a mog, a character like Thierrel who hasn't spawned a full fledged personality in my head will get one. So here's the mog I picked for Thierrel. A list of items can be had by asking for them in the comments but for his I'm being lazy.
     I think he looks awesome and vicious and feral and now... I really want to get in touch with my friend SprYte and make her get out his buddy so we can level them.

     Crescënt also got a transmog goal added to her goals for the week. I'm still working on farming leather but I decided that since she's already wearing her mog she really needed a bow, preferably one she could get at level 54. And I found the perfect bow. A few quests in Felwood later and Crescënt is entirely outfitted. And she can't even fly yet! Since I'm relatively proud of her mog and she's actually wearing it: Here's a full-fledged mog post for her:
Head: Lord's Crown
Shoulders: Ironpatch Shoulderguards
Chest: Chestpiece of Returning Strength
Waist: Knight's Girdle
Hands: Finder's Keepers
Legs: Sea Legs
Feet: Boots of the Deliverer
Back: Ebonhold Cloak
Bow: Moonbow

I'm not entirely happy with the boots, but can't seem to find a better match, and overall I'm pretty proud of this set.

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