Thursday, September 19, 2013

Screenshot Day 19

Day 19: What is this?
Presumably a portal to the Emerald Dream?

     This screenshot comes with a story. Not a very exciting story, but one of my WoW memories. The first time I came across this I was still pretty new to the game. Seish was still leveling and flying around one day I saw this strange circle on the map in Duskwood. I landed to see what it was. I was floored. What was it? A portal to some place? But where?
     I approached very very cautiously, it looked like there should be Night Elf guards around it somewhere just waiting to jump out at an unsuspecting Blood Elf. But there were no guards, no mobs at all, just little harmless critters. I wandered around the whole area, looking at everything and getting more and more curious. Slowly I worked my way up to the portal and stared at it for a long time. I wanted to know where it went.
     But what if Seish stepped through it and couldn't get back. I debated for a long time, but finally mounted up and flew away again without trying. But it bugged me. Later I thought of hearthstones. (Yes, I was still very new to the game XD) I could try to go through the portal, see what was on the other side and if it was something way too scary for a little paladin then I could hearth right back to the safety of Orgrimmar. That decided I flew back out there, and excitedly ran up and through the portal.
     And on the other side... was the trunk of the tree and nothing else. What a letdown. I had been so sure it must go somewhere really interesting and possibly terrifying.  I tried a few times, and then left. There are a few other portals like it. I always try to go through them, even now. It never works, but I still try. And I still try this one every time archaeology or something brings me to the area again. Who knows. Maybe someday it -will- work. They must be there for some reason, right?

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