Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 6 and yet more Hunter Week

Day 6: Getting Read
Seish kind of wonders how all these are getting read. The first time I noticed this in the inscription shop in Dalaran I don't know how long I stood there staring at it. As someone who loves books I was just kind of fascinated for a bit, imagining what kind of things might be in those books.

Hunter Week

     Varrega and Crescënt are the last hunter goals to meet for this week. Being kind of miserable with a headache today, this seemed like a good time to putter around with Varrega. She and Ritha made their way safely back home to Durotar/The Barrens and she ran around herbing and quested up two levels. So she's 13 now. Was kind of nebulously hoping for maybe 15 or 20 this week but I'm not holding myself to that.
     She's met my basic goal of getting a couple levels and helped remind me yet again why I keep making hunters. Because they're just fun. Also spent a while fiddling around with transmog ideas for her but haven't found one I'm perfectly happy with just yet, so I'm not showing them off.
     Crescënt's leather farming goal is slowly progressing and I've added in the goal of picking a bow for her transmog, since that's the only part of it I haven't picked and am not happy with. She'll probably get her own short post on that tomorrow.

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