Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent!

     I'm kind of obsessed with mounts. One of the first things I loved about the game was the ability to get different kinds of mounts and when I was leveling Seish the first faction I started working on was the Darkspear because I wanted to ride raptors. He was my mount collector all through Cata and I was always just a little sad when a mount dropped for one of my other characters because I wanted them all on Seish. Well, now he has them. And this morning he got another one.
     I had seen Euphyley's Timeless Isle Rare Spawns post and found out that there was a Blazing Chest that I had entirely missed. So first thing this morning after all the various profession cooldowns I popped on Seish and headed over for the Timeless Isle to catch an albatross. But when I got there I thought, well I better go see if Huolon's up first, because if I'm on an albatross when they get the kill I'll be bummed at losing another shot at the mount. So I galloped on up there and futzed around for a little bit. No Huolon, well might as well go catch the bird, but then I took one last look around and saw that he'd spawned and shortly after that a few people had pulled him down, so I hurried over to get my tag.
     He dropped when I was dead, and as soon as I rezzed I ran over to grab my loot.
    Oooh he'd dropped a purple! Then I realized it was the purple I'd been desperately wanting since just before the patch when I found out there'd be a dragon that dropped a mount! I squealed. And then learned it before thinking to take a screenshot of the loot in my bag. Did remember to grab a dead dragon screenshot at least. Then I promptly hearthed out, Blazing Chest forgotten, so I could go get on my shiny new mount and stare at it!
     So pretty! And the day before my birthday. There were few things that could have done more to make my day! Still going to have to go over and get the Blazing Chest later, but I am contented and not fussed for rushing it.

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