Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yay Achievements!

     Seish has accomplished a lot this week! I need to get better at screenshotting achieves and things when I get them now that I've got a place to post them. Realized after the fact that there were a whole bunch of things I wish I'd screencapped.
     Thursday night he finally went in to the Brawler's Guild. He bought the ticket months and months ago when they went down to 1k gold on the Black Market Auction House, but he hadn't even gone in. Tai went in and brawled his way to rank 3 but Seish hadn't touched it. After Thursday night he's rank four and got a new pet! And might have gone further except then I realized it was 4 am!
     Last night he finally finished collecting the 3000 valor points that slave driver Wrathion wanted. (I was really late starting him on that quest so he's playing catch up big time.) Thanks so much for Syri (husband's mage) and Dust (friend's shaman) for running three heroic scenarios with me last night to finish that off! We also managed to achieve the bonus goal in one of those for the first time ever!
     Of course as soon as Wrathion found out Seish had finished that task, he had a couple more for him. I groaned: have to go kill some guy that would probably take more than Seish and Dust to accomplish and win two battlegrounds when I'm awful at pvp. I was ready to call it a night but Dust insisted that we should give High Marshall Twinbraid a try. After a single epic failure Seish managed to down him with some help from his goblin friend, even though he died a split second after the dwarf. Still it counted. Yay! one more task out of the way.
     But there remained the dreaded pvp. And Dust informed me all the good horde pvpers went to bed early. So I didn't hold out much hope for anything but we queued up anyhow. Silvershard Mines first. We won! I couldn't have been more surprised! But there was still the Temple of Kotmogu to go and surely my luck wouldn't hold. But it did! We got an amazing group and sailed to victory by a very large margin. Seish got not only the Temple of Kotmogu Victory achieve but also Temple of Kotmogu All-Star. And despite my dislike for pvp it was a lot of fun.
     So two more tasks out of the way and now it's off to Isle of Thunder to start on the dailies in earnest and run the Throne of Thunder a bunch more times for secrets. Still it's been a pretty satisfying week for Seish

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