Saturday, September 21, 2013

Screenshot Day 21

Day 21: Rule of Thirds
Looking through my folder of existing screenshots, I think I'm not very good at this rule, since this is one of the best examples I could find. From Tyl's leveling days in Jade Forest.

     This was a lazy playing day for me. Aside from all the cooldowns I haven't done much other than working on Tai's fishing and cooking. I'm slow at it, but he's going for Master of the Ways in addition to eventually making a noodle cart. Spent a bunch of time at Sri-La Village fishing up the Reef Octopus, then a bunch of time moving stuff from various low level alts until I've got one with all the cooking stuff in his bank. Yay for pantries. Tai got Master of the Oven, and now it's time to farm up lots more mats for his cooking.

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