Monday, September 16, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week: Monks

     Laeleiweyn over at World of Lae had this brilliant idea for appreciating our many alts: Alt Appreciation. Each class gets its own week for us to spend a little time focusing on them and this week, it's monks.
     I love monks a lot more than I expected to, and that's saying a lot since I was really excited when I found out they were coming to the game. I had commented a friend before Mists was announced that the two classes that were missing from WoW were bards and monks. Well we got monks. (Don't see how bards would really work in WoW but I'd still love to see them XD)
     Since monks came into the game I've made my fair share of monk alts. Here they are in order of precedence rather than chronologically.

Level 90 Mistweaver   
     Tai is my favorite monk 'alt'. In fact I play him enough and enjoy it enough that it doesn't even seem right to call him an alt. He wasn't the first monk that I made, in fact Tai was almost an accident. A very happy accident. He'll get his own post later this week with the full story of how he came to be, but basically I created him to level with a friend's prot pally when she returned to the game with a new account, and now he's at 90, third best geared of my characters and happily looking forward to punching Garrosh when SoO LFR opens.

Level 65 Brewmaster
     Rothorin was the first monk I intended to make. I had a character with the same appearance and name saved and waiting on his server from the time MoP was announced. I love tanking and I've at least tried tanking on every class that can do it, so I knew I'd be making a Brewmaster. Rothorin's appearance was based on what my prot pally looked like in the Well of Eternity dungeon before they changed it so that everybody looks alike.
     Personality wise he's a very mellow, cheerful, guy. Likes a good brew, some good company and is generally easy-going. He's had some interesting adventures, the most recent of which was my husband popping onto his alliance dk to give tanking a shot and saying "Hey you got any healers on Ally side at this level?" To which, of course, the answer was no. Then he noticed I had a monk and said. "Hey heal me on that." Me: "But he's a tank. He doesn't have any healing gear or a Mistweaver spec." Husband: "So dual spec. Don't worry about the gear, you're good at monks, it'll be fine." So Rothorin healed 4 or 5 dungeons in agility gear. (Thank you random players for not giving me crap for my obviously wrong spec heirloom cape.) Luckily husband is a good tank so I had no trouble with keeping the group up or managing mana.

Level 68 Mistweaver
     I mostly play Tai with his prot pally so I wanted another Mistweaver to play solo. I also wanted to try out an RP server. So Vaelanys was born. He's trying out a few different talents in his build than Tai has and since there was a giant patch that reworked a lot of Mistweaver stuff when Tai was about 60, Vaelanys has helped me smooth out Tai's rotation by helping me relearn a few things as he levels. 
     I've put a lot of work in to Vaelanys' character and backstory, got him into a really fun RP guild and have been having a blast with him. Though he's been rather sadly neglected since the patch hit.

Level 17 Mistweaver (Horde)
     This was the first monk I actually made! She was supposed to be my Mistweaver so I could give a shot at the class for healing. The night the expansion released husband and I stayed up really late (early?) to level her and his Brewmaster out of the Pandaren starting area. I think we were a couple of the first out on our server! She got stacks of heirlooms sent to her and then she and the Brewmaster set off for Silverpine forest, where they basically stalled out while we leveled Rim and Syri to 90. There's a lot to do at 90 and in the meantime Ukyou has languished while Tai took over her job. XD

Level 17 Brewmaster
     Gwenllian was made to level with my friend SprYte's Mistweaver. They haven't managed to get very far yet, but I've been having lots of fun with her. I don't play as much alliance side so the leveling can be kind of fun and different :D.

Level 15 Windwalker
     Cause I really should try out the dps spec. Because it looks like it would be kind of fun. Vanydor is supposed to level with some character of either SprYte's or husband's. Right now he's hanging out in Ghostlands waiting on somebody, but from what little I can tell at level 15 Windwalking seems pretty fun too.

     I've got a few goals for these guys, we'll see how many of them I can manage to touch :D
Tai: Is supposed to work a bit on grinding up Shaohao rep and coins with his best pally Os.
Rothorin: Needs to get all squared away back in his Brewmaster spec and try tanking an Outlands dungeon or two.
Vaelanys: I want to get him to 70 and move him out of Shattrath and into Northrend!
Ukyou: Is waiting on her buddy so I might try hammering out a mog for her :)
Gwenllian: Also getting a mog since SprYte won't be available for play. Might get a bit of profession work done.
Vanydor: Would like to get him one more level at least and maybe design him a mog.

Looking at this post and my hunter's week posts I'm starting to think this blog should have been called Plenty of Paladins, Monks, and Hunters.


  1. You certainly have a nice collection of alts. :) I have two monks at 90, both Brewmasters/Windwalkers. I'm also leveling a third; as a healer and doing lots of battlegrounds (and dungeons)! Both healing and PVP is very unlike me, but I guess I needed something new. :) I'll write about them all later this week. Nice to meet your monks!

    1. I forgot to mention that I've been trying out battlegrounds on Vaelanys too, which is also very unlike me, but it's kind of fun. I really want to level one of my Brewmasters the rest of the way up and try a Windwalker but I kind of fell in love with Mistweavers so having to resist the temptation for them all to be healers lol. I can't wait to see your monk post :)

  2. My Monk is a happy accident as well. I rolled one on Proudmoore mostly to try out the server, wasn't to serious about the alt, but I just kept leveling him. I usually only roll Dwarves or Tauren when possible, but this troll is one of my exceptions.

    My personal aversion to elves aside, a Blood Elf Monk looks pretty cool!

    1. I am a fan of Elves, so I'm biased but I think they look pretty cool too.
      I like the choice of a troll monk, have been seriously tempted to roll one myself and seeing how cool yours looked just makes me even more tempted.
      Monks are really fun to play and it's fun to see that I'm not the only one with an accidental 90.