Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mage Week Recap

Day 15: Season
This looked like Spring. And I'm not a fan of pink at all, but I really love all the pink flowers in this.

     My poor mage alts. Their week fell on the new patch week, so not only was I mostly too busy for playing them but even if I had squeezed in the time well the people I'm playing them with were also mostly busy and enthralled with the new patch. So I really didn't do anything for them other than giving them each their nice screenshot and blog entry.
     On the bright side though, Fal got some cloth gear from Timeless Isle mailed to him by his brother(Tai) in case he ever reaches a level where he can use it and Murasaki got some from Tyl. Poor Malyn will have to wait and see if the Alchemist who also happens to be a warlock has any left over after he reaches 90. (Largely because he's much closer than she is and I intend him to be one of my next projects.)
     So mage week was not very good to my poor mage alts. Though I did show my mage love by having Rim squire Syri around the Timeless Isle since she doesn't really like running around without her personal tank.

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