Mog the World in 80 Days

Dragonray came up with and hosted this incredibly creative and extensive Mog contest. An outfit a week based on a flag for twelve weeks and I had loads of fun choosing a flag and trying to create a Mog for it each week. Here are all my outfits for the contest, with their appropriate flag and some commentary, lists of items involved can be had for the asking or might get added later.

Week 1: Liechtenstein
Laen modeled this one. I thought I'd do the entire contest in paladin mogs. I was fairly happy with this one considering I wouldn't ordinarily choose the combination of colors, but the flag was cool, so what could I do?

Week 2: Vatican City *Week Winner*
I liked the colors of the flag and thought Vatican City would be a fun thing to mog for on a paladin. Only then I realized there wasn't that much actually white plate. I spent most of a week hammering at this mog before I finally decided to give it a try on my little priest, Saelindir. I came up with this, which I was pretty happy with, considering the amount of frustration it had given me... and I won the week!!

Week 3: Namibia
Back to my resolution to do all the rest of the mogs on a paladin, I then also decided to break out of my comfort zone and pick a very colorful flag. I still can't decide if the result is anything other than hideous. This isn't one I'll probably be using as a mog any time in the near future. 

Week 4: Georgia

This flag reminded me of the story of St. George and the Dragon. So even though there wasn't as much white plate as I wanted I had to do it on a Paladin. In the end I went for a knightly St. George feel and Laen got his hair done to show off the faceguard to the best advantage.

Week 5: Montenegro

I finally gave up and decided I'd do the mogs on either paladin or priest. This one is Saelindir's and was also one of my favorite entries. I'm seriously considering putting the outfit together for him someday, since it suits his style and is just a little different from my usual choices.

Week 6: Djibouti

Another priest mog. I was relatively happy with this one even if I don't think I'll actually use it. I think the circlet is the best part. Saelindir was starting to enjoy being a professional model.

Week 7: Algeria
This was the second attempt at this one. I wasn't entirely happy with either, but I don't hate it.

Week 8: Uruguay *Week Winner*
I hadn't decided what I was doing with this mog until the inspiration for robe and shoulders hit me and the rest went from there. I liked it enough that I think I may do some variation on it for Saelindir at some point. There was primping involved, he got a hairstyle change for the photoshoot.

Week 9: Papua New Guinea *Week Winner*
This was my favorite mog for the entire contest. I was ecstatic that the judges agreed with me. This is one that in an expansion or two when I can get those heroic shoulders I'll definitely want to put together for a paladin. I love paladin mogs and I don't think this one could be any more a paladin mog if it tried. Laen enjoyed wearing it, though I actually designed it on Seish one evening when the idea hit.

Week 10:  Former Czechoslovakia
 I finally gave in and did a red, white and blue mog after avoiding them all competition. For what it is I'm surprisingly happy with this priest mog. Don't think Saelindir will ever end up wearing it but I still really like it.

Week 11: Dominica
This was the paladin mog I ended up making, scrapping and almost entirely remaking. Looking at it now I can see one thing I really wish I'd done a bit differently, but in the end I don't think it turned out terribly considering the colors. The first version I made I forgot the red, and when I went back to add it ended up changing almost everything else to go with it. Laen also had two different hairstyle changes before I was satisfied with the look of that. This was definitely the most primp heavy mog. And though I doubt I'll use it as it is, I do plan on coming back to it one day to design a mog around that shield, because I love it.

Week 12: Tanzania

Saelindir got to model the final week and though I wish this mog had ended up flashier and more dramatic, I am still really happy with the way it came together. I kept trying to pump it up with a flashier pair of shoulders or helm but in the end it just came out very simple. Still it looks like a nice practical sort of traveling outfit. 


  1. I think that Week 8 Uruguay outfit would be a seriously boss look for Anduin Wrynn!

    The circlet is definitely the best part of the Djbouti set! Have you managed to get it yet? Please ping me if you need help with farming it!

    I thought that the Dominica set was wild enough already that it wouldn't have hurt to put in a Lavender Mageweave Shirt to pick up the purple from the bird on the flag -- did you know that Dominica is the only nation to have purple in its national flag? :P

    1. Ooooh it would look good on Anduin! I really love that head and am going to have to make some outfit around it at some point, I think.
      I haven't managed to get it yet, Saelindir needs only a few more levels before being able to get into UBRS for his top and then I'll definitely bug you for some runthroughs if you don't mind.
      I hadn't thought of that. I wish I had done something with the purple but I got so distracted when I realized I had forgotten the red that I didn't think to. I am definitely going to revisit that shield and build a mog around it, I think. It'll take some from the Dominica mog but maybe be slightly less wild. I had noticed the shortage of purple in flags. There needs to be more purple flags, it would have made mogging them more entertaining. :)