Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Timeless Isle!

Slacked off on my screenshot of the day yesterday with the new patch. So here are two days:

Day 10: Sweet
Because I love donuts. And when I think of sweet things in WoW I always think of this cart.

Day 11: What You Did Today
Ran around on the Timeless Isle. A lot. That's what I did today and yesterday. I suspect it's what a lot of people did because I saw plenty of them. :D

     Timeless Isle is pretty awesome. A bit crowded and a lot of painful sometimes. Seish didn't do too badly over there yesterday, died several times, helped down lots of rares. Mailed off four bits of plate to Rim, Two pieces of mail to Aug, two bits of cloth to Tal the warlock who really needs to get leveled so I have some use for cloth, and a couple pieces of leather to Zakuli to stash in his bank in case there's a leather wearing person who needs them at some point on their server.
     Tai went a while later with his best prot pally and they did most of the quests, but not too many rares because theirs is a busier server and most things died before they could get anywhere near them. Still they found a few chests and Tai managed to get three upgrades for himself and some pieces of mail that he sent of to Varrega... who is about a million years from using them, but maybe someday.
     Rim went with his mage later. They managed to do a fair portion of the questline and get a bunch of upgrades. Rim started off the day at 485 and between the gifts from Seish and what he found himself he ended the night at 491. Not bad for a guy who has never done an LFR!
     This morning though Seish's looting was glitched so after helping down two rares and not getting anything from them at all because the looting wasn't working. I switched to Aug. Aug is mostly doing it in hopes of getting his leatherworking cooldown, but like Rim looking for the BS pattern last night he's had a couple hours of just no luck, and has taxed the guild bank with his repairs :P Good thing he'd donated a bunch the night before or I'd have to feel bad.
     So overall, I'm enjoying the patch so far. Except for the Vale. Looking at it just kind of breaks my heart. I'd taken a bunch of screenshots before the patch, but now I wish I'd taken a lot more. I took some just scenic shots, like the one that's background for my blog at the moment, and then some of Tai there because of all my characters Tai is the one who loves Pandaria most. And as soon as he gets a chance he'll be punching Garrosh in the face for what he's done to it.
     And you know... I'd griped a bit about the Golden Lotus dailies when Rim and Syri were doing them, but I didn't actually mind them all that much. I didn't want them to ever be gone. :( The thing I minded the most about them really was that they were a gate for the Shado-Pan and August Celestials at first. But the dailies themselves, I didn't mind so much. I wish now I'd taken some good close shots of the pagoda.


  1. Quite a lovely shot of the isle and I also love the setting you chose for Tai's shot. ^_^ It flatters him very well.

    1. I took a few really nice shots on the flight path over to the Isle. :) That one was my favorite of them.
      And yeah I really liked that backdrop for Tai. So glad I took a bunch of screenshots there.