Monday, September 9, 2013

Hunter Week Recap

     Hunter Week was awesome! I managed to meet all my goals for my hunters, even if I didn't exceed them like I'd hoped. I had a lot of fun seeing other people's blog posts and hunter stories and some really amazing thoughts and ideas for the class. I've got a few of both of my own, though they aren't as in-depth as a lot of others.
     Hunters aren't my main class though they are one of the three classes I love best and spend the most time playing. They're my go-to for ranged and leveling another alt solo? Good chance it will be a hunter. I love the archery aspect, and I adore the pets. I've only been playing since just before Cataclysm so I never had to deal with pets leaving me because I didn't feed them, but I did have to feed them to keep them happy so their damage would be at it's best, at least for a few levels. I was sad when they took that away. It added a flavor to the class.
     I never played when ammo was in the game, and I am kind of glad for that. It just sounds like one more thing I'd inevitably have forgotten to bring with me. At the same time... having a quiver would be pretty awesome.
     I'm possibly the only hunter player who was sad to see minimum range go. There were some stuff it was really obnoxious for. There was one quest in Storm Peaks when I was leveling Tyl that took me multiple tries and what seemed like ages to get because Tyl's Beast Mastery and the quest was one where I couldn't have a pet and couldn't use my bow. It was mildly awful, but I managed it. I liked the feeling of minimum range, I liked that it made me think more about what I was doing and plan things. Though the truth is it doesn't actually make much sense.
     I kind of miss aspect of the fox for the same reason. It made me think, deciding when it was worth using it for casting cobra shot on the go, and when it was better to just stand still. I liked that. And I liked feeding my pet. I could still do that, but I usually don't remember to now.
     Some things I'd like to see change for hunters, maybe like a lot of others have said, it would be nice to see a little more difference between the specs, but preferably without changing them into something other than hunters. I wouldn't want to play a spec that couldn't have pets and I'd be a bit sad if I couldn't shoot bows.
     I hope they never give exotics to all specs. Though it might be a bit neat if each spec got certain pets they could tame that others couldn't. Not sure what those would be but  maybe a pet family or two for survival and the same for marksmanship. Basically I'd like to see the specs get to be just a bit more different from each other than they are now.
     I've got a taming wish or two also. Ever since I saw the stags in Ashenvale I've wanted to tame stags. I really wish we could do that. We can tame goats now, why not stags? I wouldn't say no to a hydra either.
     I want to see more rare trackable pets like the ones in Pandaria. Tracking them was some of the most fun I've had and following those tracks the first time I came across them in Kun Lai really made me feel like a hunter. It took me ages to figure out what I was doing and flare the beast up and by the time I'd finished the tame my hands were shaking.
     Hunting up a rare pet is something I still love to do on my hunters on days I'm feeling a bit down. I love that feeling like I've made a new friend and even though my hunters' pets are all just pixels, I'm very attached to some of them. And I think that's really what I love most about the class. I get to have all the pet tigers I want, even if in real life it would be a very bad idea. :D



  1. I gotta say, I loved it when they removed minimum range. Why? I was running a lot of End Time/Well of Eternity and found Tyrande annoying as heck, and at last, at last, I could walk right up to Tyrande, /smack her upside the head, and then shoot her in the nose.

    To me, this was some form of convoluted justice.

    1. LOL I can definitely see your point there. And there's no getting around the fact that a lot of fights are nicer without minimum range. I just miss that extra thing I had to consider.
      Tyrande -is- annoying as heck at least in those dungeons though XD