Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5 and Hunter Week: Haath and Zakuli

Day 5: Here Forever
Some of the former residents are here forever. Took me quite a while to figure out what I was doing for this shot. Orignally had some Night Elf ruins, but then thought of this place and came here instead. I love the eerie feel of it and the ruins and the music that's both creepy and sad.

Hunter Week: Haath and Zakuli's goals

     Zakuli got his new heirloom pants! Aug shelled out the gold for the junior hunter and bought him some leather pants from the guild. Should have been mail, but he was already wearing mostly leather and there's a monk alt that might want them someday when he's done so he gets leather.
     Then Haath set out from Dalaran on a taming expedition. First to Borean Tundra for a rhino. Watched the herds for a while until one of them did something sort of interesting and tamed that one. Her name is Murra. And she's already a cozy furry backrest for her hunter.
     Then it was off to Un'Goro for a Devilsaur. I wanted the white one, so that meant my tried and true method for finding the Devilsaur I want came into play. Fly around the crater a million times, landing only to kill the Devilsaurs that are the wrong color until the right color one shows up. Found it (eventually) and managed to get the tame without a hitch. Welcome to the family, Ghost. Taming screenie!
     Now Haath really feels like a Beast Mastery hunter. When he finally gets a few more levels it will be time for the dreaded Spirit Beast hunt, but for now I'm very happy to have picked up two of my favorite exotics for him.
    So far I'm really enjoying hunter week, have managed to make all my goals so far, and just have CrescĂ«nt and Varrega's left. Then I'll probably make a big long post about my thoughts on the class. It really is one of my favorites and I'll freely admit that pets are a big part of that!

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