Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In the Ghostlands (More Paladin stuff)

Day 25: H is for...
Heroes. And Horde. Seish being overly pleased with himself in Orgrimmar.

Laen's Journey Continues.

     I can be kind of a slow leveler. Then other times I rush right through and level very quickly. Laen is moving a little on the slower side. I've been futzing around with his professions. (Both are coming along nicely.) And questing my leisurely way around Ghostlands... with a side trip to Orgrimmar for a tabard. He's hit level 16 as of this posting though, and can do dungeons now, and he will, though probably not until I feel done with Ghostlands.
     I did a lot of the quests in Ghostlands with Seish when I was first leveling and then on most of my blood elf alts since I've either moved onto Barrens or Silverpine to continue. Or just jumped straight into dungeons and done nothing much else to level. But feeling a little nostalgia, poking around stuff I remember from leveling Seish and it's fun, so I'm going slow with it. Probably won't do all the quests in the zone, but there are a few I definitely want to hit.
     I did Windrunner Spire,  Laen wandered around looking at things and finding chests and nifty places to screenshot.

     Then I suddenly decided that Laen's leveling pet friend should get some levels so it was straight down to the beaches to fight spirit crabs until Dawnglow the Phoenix Hawk Hatchling hit level 6. Didn't take long.
     After turning in that quest Laen headed back down to the Dead Scar where he engaged Luzran in fearsome solo combat. After a hard won victory and a few pats on the back for himself, Laen, flush with confidence went in search of the hideous Knucklerot intent on bringing him to justice...
     Knucklerot did not play fair. He tossed Laen into a bat and well... On Laen the overly self-confident's second attempt at Knucklerot, a couple of lovely blood elf ladies came along to help out and it went much more quickly and smoothly. And turning in that quest was enough to give him level 16, and a ring with intellect! Thank the Light. Though by now he's picked up a pair of mail gauntlets that miraculously have some and a shield of the gorilla with intellect and strength but hey beggars can't be choosers.
     It may be fairly obvious by now that I'm having a lot of fun leveling this little paladin. When I'm done with Ghostlands he'll be heading into dungeons for most of his journey, since the point in leveling as Holy is to learn to heal and the best way to do that is to practice on a group. But I have to admit for now I'm enjoying questing too.
And for nostalgia's sake, here's one of the very first screenshots I ever took. Of a level 20 Seish in Ghostlands. Oh that stylish leveling gear.


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