Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A mini rant about Gnomeregan

Tycertank's given us another Screenshot a Day list for October. I'm not sure if I'll do all of them but for today it makes something fun and pretty to put at the top of my post.

Day 1: Something Colorful
Taken on Laen's journey to level 10, because it was pretty.

     Today, after all the cooldowns and Tai running three scenarios to try to get some more jp for Laen's shield I decided to switch over to Laen himself for a couple instances. Nobody else on in guild then so it was just Laen queuing up solo. And it was Gnomeregan. I hate Gnomeregan!
     I don't think I'm the only one. I don't usually mention in instance chat that I do, but if I do, I never fail to have at least one person agree... and often enough it's somebody else who pipes up to mention their undying distaste for the place. It sucks to heal in. Gnomeregan has been the rock upon which many of my attempts at healer leveling have broken.
     Today first instance was Gnomeregan with a warrior tank and hunter from the same guild. Can't remember the name of it, it was something about twinks and they were all in heirlooms. Their names were borderline offensive but whatever, I just wanted to run the dungeon. We wiped right off because of the jump.      Why does the stupid dungeon have to start with a gigantic and painful jump off the side. Sure they give you parachutes now, but inevitably somebody can't figure them out, or somebody misfires and part of the group ends up in one spot and the people who used them end up in another then the boss pulls and quite often people die. Then there's the inevitable hunter pet that wasn't dismissed that tries to run the long way around and brings half the instance with it.
     This time I'd used it, the hunter was dead right off and I couldn't run into range/line of sight of the warrior before he followed. Well the rest of everybody died shortly after. So at least the mobs the hunter's pet would have brought probably reset. I don't think that hunter used a parachute once in the instance and he died every time there was a jump. And when I randomed in with the same two a second time... he still wasn't using them and was still dying.
     I'm not actually complaining so much about these players. I didn't like their names so that made me slightly predisposed to be less understanding of their mistakes, but really they weren't that bad. What I'm really trying to get my complain on about is Gnomeregan. I'm glad there are parachutes, but if you're horde side there's nothing at all to tell you they exist if your party doesn't, or you don't already know. So you can't even expect people to know to use them really.
     And I guess maybe the rationale behind starting with the big jump is that people are actually supposed to run around the long way and do the other stuff, but nobody does and the instance is left feeling really annoying because of that big fall at the beginning. Honestly I don't think I'd even mind the place if not for that. Anyhow, Laen persevered. The hunter kept dying but as a healer I refuse to take responsibility for preventable falls. I won't stop leveling him,  I won't even stop doing it via dungeons, because I am learning. But I will be really glad when he's too high level to queue into Gnomeregan any more!

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