Saturday, December 26, 2015

A plenitude of paladins: Warlords of Draenor edition

     I have been meaning to do an update to my character page for Warlords of Draenor, but it's one of the many things I haven't gotten to. However, in honor of the last of the Mists trio finally hitting 100 and a Legion boost I decided to post the updated roster of the paladins that give this blog its name.

Seish (Ret, JC/Ench)
     Seish is still ret. He was the third paladin to hit 100 because he had to wait around for his favorite warrior buddy. He hasn't been doing a whole lot of rep or anything this expansion because the Mistweavers covered it with friends, however he's very much enjoying running a garrison and trying to fill it with as many elves as possible. Also switched his mining for enchanting, because it was so easy to level enchanting in Draenor.
Rim (Prot, Min/Bs)
     Rim was the first paladin to hit 100. He tanked a few dungeons with friends, but since hubby's mage is taking a break he hasn't had a chance to do much beyond those and a bit of blacksmithing for he and Seish and other friends on the server.
Ailuuya (Holy/Ret, Alch/JC)
     Ailuuya was my WoD 90 boost and the second paladin to hit 100. She's also my raiding main this expansion, so she's she's seen a lot of action healing raids. I'm very much enjoying that and think I manage to do decently well at it fairly often.
Laen (Holy/Ret, BS/Ench)
     Laen was leveling with hubby's boosted Brewmaster for a bit so he stalled out at 96 until I finally finished him entirely through dungeons. He's not seeing a lot of healing action this expansion sadly.
Kieryl (Holy/Ret, Alch/Ench)
     This is the little paladin I made on the RP server where Vaelanys lives to celebrate them finally making holy paladin heirlooms. Of course then he sat for a while before I finally boosted him with my Legion preorder and gave him a mog based on those heirlooms. This is Kierylaen Starblood, street kid turned paladin and Vae's reluctant second in command in Draenor. He's known for his small stature, hot temper, and terrible language. Also for his habit of filching small trinkets from people who annoy him.

     In conclusion I think I should probably stop playing on new servers since I can't seem to stop feeling like I need a paladin on every one. Four servers here, and five paladins (at 100, we won't talk about the ones that aren't there yet.)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mopping Things Up: A very belated achievement

     Back in Cataclysm when I was a very new player and first took up paladin tanking with Rim I saw far more of all the heroics than I ever wanted. but I also had a guild full of people at the beginning and had a lot of good times that make me a bit nostalgic for them to this day.  Also back in Cataclysm as a fairly new tank I did almost every achievement for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. All but two to be exact: I Hate that Song and Umbrage for Umbriss.
     In September I went back to Halls with Rim on a whim and surprised myself by knocking out the first of the two, but it wasn't until today that I finally sat down and flew over to Grim Batol for the last one. I probably could have done them last expansion or at least much sooner on another character, but I wanted to finish like I'd started. So it had to be Rim.
     And one more mount for the collection:
     This is 224. And it feels good to finally have it done.

Monday, November 9, 2015

RP Characters and Mogs: Taelathin Firehawk

     Here's another RP mog. It's one I've used in bits and pieces leveling since level 40 with additions as he reaches the levels to mog the pieces I want. He's only 88, but I think this one is done. This is Taelathin Firehawk, beast mastery hunter, part time relic hunter, and man of the wild. (He's also Tai's second cousin.)
     I wanted something simple and in muted greens and browns for Lathin, and I've always meant to make a mog that involves this bow, though I didn't realize until I finally did just how much fun the animation for it is. This transmog has two modes. One with helm hidden for every day and one with it shown and a shirt added for extra camouflage since bright red hair can be a bit flashy.
Shoulders: Fortified Spaulders
Wrists: Not shown
     For the sneaky version used for stalking trolls I've shown the helm and added: Green Martial Shirt. The Embroidered Shirt looks even better to me so I will likely begin using that one as soon as I am willing to shell out 1000 gold for it.
     Bonus shot to show off how nifty that bow is.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

RP Characters and Mogs: Heryneth Starstride

     Other than raiding I've mostly been dabbling in RP lately, leveling a couple of other characters on Vae's server to play over there. This gives a great excuse for transmogging, especially with lower level stuff that can be used and acquired while leveling. So here are the leveling transmogs for one of my new characters.
     Heryneth Starstride is an assassin who masquerades as a traveling musician to put his victims at ease, so he tends toward pretty bright colored leathers suitable for performing.

Waist: Robust Girdle

Head: Not Shown
Waist: Mighty Girdle

Friday, August 28, 2015

Random Things

     I realized I hadn't put up a post about my reaction to the expansion announcement a while back. And that's partly because I've been thinking about what sort of character my demon hunter will be, but also because I am not sure what to feel. It sounds incredibly exciting, and I feel that if they dive in and do everything they mentioned for it the way it should be done without cutting any corners, it could very well be amazing. That is the expansion I want. If they cut too much out of it and it ends up another Warlords, I think I will be very sad. So that's what I think. I'm excited by the idea but my optimism is more cautious this time.
     The rest of this post is just going to be a collection of screenshots, mostly with explanation of a few of the things I've been up to in game. During raids I have discovered that with Transmorphic Tincture + the Orb of the Sin'dorei Ailuuya can spend five minutes being a male blood elf and I can feel more at home. She makes a very handsome male blood elf, so here are screenshots, taken in the garrison when I wasn't frantically healing.
      I want that armor for one of my actual blood elves more than ever now.
     She's even a redhead. I also finally got around to taking Tyl and Ailuuya over to Tanaan even if they have yet to do much there. In the process I discovered that tall characters have facial expressions during the cutscene where you open Lion's Watch. I managed to capture these gems:
     I am not sure I've ever seen anybody this excited over a map. Tyl's really liking the idea of hunting in the jungle I guess.
     Ailuuya on the other hand: "There are HOW many demons out here?!"

     I've been spending a fair bit of time on Vaelanys, RPing and occasionally just exploring, so here are a couple of my favorite screenshots with him.
     Spires. This zone in particular is my favorite in WoD. The moons I love in every zone.
     A screenshot I took while Vaelanys and this fellow were having a chat. For some reason I just loved something about the way it turned out so I couldn't resist sharing it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

RP Stuff: Storming the Portal

((More story time about Vaelanys and how he ended up with his garrison. The part of Damarianth (top screenshot) is played by Seish, who got his hair done for the first time ever for the role.))

            The Dark Portal was worse than he had ever imagined. He thought it had gone worse than any of them could have envisioned. Vaelanys had expected battle. It had been almost a massacre. Damarianth's Lynxes had been a proud company, nearly fifty strong, but they were routed, more than half their number lost. What remained fled before he and the paladin beside him, a long, straggling, broken line whose beginning was out of sight in the jungle. He thought the rest of the Horde's forces had lost even more.
            He hadn't escaped unscathed. He wasn't sure any of them had, but the pain in his wounded leg was minor and troubled him far less that the distant sounds of battle behind them. He and Damarianth turned as one to look, but for the moment there was neither pursuit nor the more welcome sign that some straggling Lynx would have been. Neither of them spoke, though when the paladin tugged the reins to keep his charger at a walk, Vaelanys mirrored the gesture and felt the hawkstrider tense under him, ruffled feathers scraping at his leathers.
            They watched the last red and gold tabard vanish over a small rise ahead of them, and once more Vaelanys looked over his shoulder, and then back at the dense trees ahead of them, wondering if what they were running into was really any better than what they fled. "Where will we go?" he asked finally and was pleased to find that his voice sounded calm and steady even if he felt nothing of the sort.
            "I don't know." The paladin tucked one gauntleted hand under the opposite elbow, pulling the heavy glove off long enough to let his bare fingers push sweat and hair from his eyes. "Have to find a place we can retreat to and try to fortify. Regroup, tend the wounded then see if we can contact any of the Horde forces that are left." If there were any left.
            Vaelanys nodded. What neither of them said was that all that depended on whether they even survived the jungle. "Are they okay? At the front?" His head tilted slightly in the direction the vanished line had gone.
            "Kieryl's at the front. He'll be watching them." 
            They both turned another look over their shoulders. But no more red tabards straggled into sight, no more fleeing mounts ran past them. More than half. He had known them only a week and Vaelanys's heart ached for it. He couldn't imagine what Damarianth felt. None of it showed in the paladin's face, but Vaelanys knew the look of a noble's composed mask when he saw it. He wore it often enough himself. "Let's catch..." But before he'd even finished the words an earth shattering roar made Tyrn spin beneath him. He caught a brief and dizzying glimpse of what looked like a moving hillside before he steadied the warstrider beneath him.
            "Light..." In the ringing silence that followed the roar he heard Damarianth's prayerful whisper. Both of them stared up at the Gronn. Into its single mad and furious eye and then higher to the heavy cannon mounted on its hunched shoulders.
            The bottom dropped out of Vaelanys's stomach, and for a moment his hands on the reins were numb. Beside him Damarianth seemed similarly frozen, but it was the paladin who moved first, slowly tugging his gauntlet back on and then very deliberately reaching up to loosen his shield and mace from his back. Vaelanys stared at him, but the paladin's eyes were fixed on the gronn.
            Damarianth couldn't mean to fight that. There was no way the two of them could possibly win. But then it moved again and Vaelanys understood. It covered what felt like half the distance between them in a few strides. It had been only moments since the last of the Lynxes had vanished from sight. One numb hand lifted over his shoulder to close on his staff.
            "Get them out, Vaelanys." The paladin's eyes stayed on the gronn. "You keep my people alive and you get them out. Do you understand me?"
            "You can't stop it, Damarianth. No one could. I can't let you..."
            "That is an ORDER, Sunthorn. You get my people. And you get them out."
            "There has to be another way." His own jaw set as he stared up at the gronn and it moved again.
            "Now! Go." The paladin heeled the reluctant charger forward one walking step. "And tell Kieryl..." Their eyes met as for the first time since the gronn appeared Damarianth looked at him, but a second later the paladin shook his head and turned away. "Never mind, I'll catch up. But don't let them wait. Keep them alive. GO!"
            "I will try." He obeyed. Vaelanys hated himself for it even as he did but he turned Tyrn and heeled the strider away.
            Behind him he heard Damarianth yell and one glance over his shoulder showed him the paladin, long white braid whipping behind him as he rode the charger straight at the gronn. "Fangs of the Eversong!"
             He didn't look back a second time and he felt like a coward as he dug his heels into the strider's sides again and leaned forward against the feathered neck. But he didn't want to even hear what would happen. Sunwell, he did not want to hear that.

            "We can't wait any longer." Vaelanys told the weary, dirt smudged, rebellious faces around him. He'd disobeyed that much, let them wait a few moments miles away in the lee of large stone, though it had been more for the wounded than any real hope for Damarianth. "We have to move."
            "WE'RE NOT LEAVING!" Kieryl snapped at him, throwing his shield to the ground at his feet. "We're not leaving him. YOU might be coward enough to run and leave him to fight alone, but the rest of us will stand with him."
            Vaelanys's own anger rose, along with his own stinging hurt that he knew was no match for the smaller paladin's agony. The butt of his staff slammed the ground as he stood. "I followed ORDERS! And he told me to go and he told me to get you out and I will be damned to a place worse than this if I fail! Now get the rest of them up, get the wounded up and MOVE!"
            "Then you can go straight to wherever that is." Kieryl snarled. He could see the muscles working as the smaller paladin's jaw clenched tight. "Because I'm not leaving him."
            He understood, Sunwell but he understood the pain in Kieryl's voice and face. It tore at him until it took every ounce of his own control to keep it from showing in his features. "You are." He said firmly. "Either on your own feet or hog-tied over Tyrn's back. He gave me an order. He gave us an order and we are going to obey it. Pick up your shield."
            It surprised him a little when after spitting at his feet the smaller paladin obeyed, picking up his shield and turning his back. Even through the plate he could see the angry set of Kieryl's shoulders. But that sign had been what it took for those that hadn't yet risen to begin, rising and tugging the worst of the injured to their feet.
            "Get Anrastas onto Tyrn. I can walk." Vaelanys watched them move to obey, scooping the barely conscious warrior onto the warstrider's back. Tal'efir picked up the last tattered red and gold Lynx banner from where it had been propped up against the stone.
            Kieryl stood a little away, his back to them, looking not the way they'd go, but back the way they'd come. His armor grated once with some small movement and Vaelanys wondered if he wept. But when he turned back his eyes were hard and bright and dry. "Where we going?" He demanded.
            "Out of this jungle. Somewhere we can fortify." It wasn't really an answer but it was the best he had. "What we're going to do first is stay alive." He wished he had some balm for their grief, and for his own. "You can leave him a sign. I'm sure you have one, some secret sign for missions. Leave some as we go. If he can come he'll know where to look." It felt wrong to say it, to offer hope where he knew there was none but if it gave them even a fragile thread to cling to and keep moving Vaelanys would use it.
            He didn't watch as Kieryl moved to scoop up rocks and scrape at the stone where they'd rested, but he waited until he'd finished and until they'd all begun to move out before he followed. Vaelanys didn't look back. His attention was focused on the way ahead of them and the promise he'd made. He'd never wanted this responsibility. He didn't feel qualified to handle it. But what he wanted didn't matter. It was his now. They were his now, to protect if he could, or to die like Damarianth in trying.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

RP Stuff: Orders

      My poor blog has been suffering for posts. Aside from raiding with my wonderful raid buddies and Tanaan most of what I've been doing with my game time at this point in the expansion has been RP and character story writing. So as Kamalia was nice enough to suggest, I thought I'd put up at least a couple of the mostly finished snippets for Vaelanys, my RP server character. This is the first part of the story of how he ended up in Draenor and in command of something.

           His face hurt from forcing himself to smile. His throat ached from making himself speak charming words, but the party was over, and as he finally closed the door to his chambers behind him Vaelanys's shoulders slumped. For just a moment he let go of the tension of pretending to be happy, before another sort of tension filled him. He crossed the room in two strides, slammed his palms down on the solid top of the wooden desk hard enough that his bones ached for the impact. "Light damn it." He whispered.
            The side of his right fist struck the desk a second time, far less violently. He stared unseeing down at the blank parchment on the desk. She'd ruined everything. He wasn't sure if it made it better or worse to know that she'd only meant to help him. Perhaps neither. His breaths were ragged in his own ears, and his eyes prickled dangerously close to angry tears he wasn't going to let himself shed.
            He'd wanted, he'd -intended- to go serve the Horde and just march on the Dark Portal with the rest wherever they saw fit to send him. It was what he'd done in Northrend, just turned up and taken the duty they gave him. He'd earn his own way or he wouldn't, but either way it would be something he'd done. It was the first thing that had made him feel like there was a purpose in his life in years.
            His mother would never know the effort it had cost him to smile and thank her when she'd handed him the rather crumpled paper now tucked into his belt. He'd probably never know the number of favors she'd called in to get it. Assistant Commander under Damarianth Spearsong. Second in command, of a force he'd never even met, and when he hadn't even left the city since just before Arthas fell. So much for earning his own way.
            He just wouldn't go. But the rebellious thought had no sooner formed itself in his mind than Vaelanys rejected it. He couldn't stand to stay. No matter what it cost his pride to go. No matter how wrong it felt. No matter how little this felt like what he'd wanted when he made up his mind he was leaving. He slumped slowly into the chair, one hand coming up to press against his face. He felt like she'd taken something from him with this. After a moment it came to him what that was. His freedom.