Friday, February 27, 2015

What I've been up to. And selfies.

     I seem to find plenty to keep me busy in game even if a lot of it is running garrisons. Leveling is going a bit slow for some of the things I really wanted to level because some are waiting on leveling partners with less time when I have time. But Aug, who didn't get to see much action in MoP stepped up to get in some solo leveling time. He's 100 number four.
     He's got his level three barn up and running and is having a much easier time soloing it than poor Tai did when he tried. But then he's a hunter. It's what they do. Leveling at a somewhat slower pace made it nice having resources and mission rewards aplenty waiting for him. It took a day to get him ready to go into LFR, though he hasn't been around to doing it yet.
     Ailluuya's been working on her healing... I've been putting in some practice and thought to go do some practice on gold proving grounds the other evening. I've never spent much time in the proving grounds past silver. I'd done a few attempts on her for practice toward the beginning of the expansion, but I tended to panic a little bit and fail around wave five. So I was extremely surprised when my practice run turned into this:
In a single attempt. Practice helps.

      I'm still not happy with the blood elf male models. I was hoping right up until I saw them in live that the things I had a problem with would be fixed. I wasn't the only one. In the feedback forum most of the feedback on the male models was the same things I had to say. It's not just the problems with the face proportions and how little they look like they used to. I kept hoping that the things like Aug's sidelocks clipping into his face even when he's just idling and Tai's braids not moving at all and clipping into his chest more than the originals would get taken care of. Tai has the same hairstyle as Nelf Tyndellan does, only Tyndellan's braids move and flop when he jumps and Tai's don't. I'm holding out a little bit of hope that that might yet get a tweak but I'm a bit afraid I'm stuck with the faces that I just hate.
     On a more positive note I found unexpected enjoyment in the Selfie camera. I thought it was such a stupid idea when it was announced. I didn't think I would like it at all, but I've taken so many character selfies. I should have known that it was another way of taking screenshots and I love taking screenshots. So here are a few of my favorites so far:

Seish just getting ready to command some missions. Not sure how happy Zog is with him. I -am- sure that Seish doesn't care at all. 
Ailuuya sadly realized she was too tall to take really good selfies with her handsome paladin follower. She tried anyhow.

Aug and Servius posing for the camera. I think this is my favorite so far. Many many shots were taken to get this right.

Tyl and Snowthorn look pretty awesome (and so serious) with the sketch filter.