Monday, March 2, 2015

28 Days of WoW Love recap and a couple days of #AzerothMadHatters.

February doesn't seem to have been the best month for me with posting anything, for any number of reasons, but I loved Mataoka's 28 days of WoW love idea. So here's a small and not too screenshot heavy recap of a few of the things I love most in WoW:
     This really silly selfie of Rim and hubby's mage Syri complete with background photobomber sums up a lot of it really well. I love blood elves and paladins. I love the people I get to play with, not just hubby and the people I know in real life, but the wonderful people I've met through the game that I wouldn't otherwise get to know. I love the combination of silly and serious that Azeroth can be. I love transmog and the fact that it lets Rim constantly wear this suit of armor that just exemplifies paladin for me. I love screenshots.
     Of course I also love hunter pets:
And doing old raids for fun.
And mounts.

And now on to the slight more negative things:
Looting awesome stuff on characters that can't equip it. Aug couldn't equip the Warglaive of Azzinoth he looted for a screenshot. So just enjoy this epic moon shot instead.

The fact that so many of my male nelf selfies (nelfies?) turn out like this because for some reason closed eyelids don't entirely block their eye glow. It makes timing it for the expression I want at least three times as hard. :( (On a more positive note Tyndellan has some truly awesome fangs and I love that.)