Monday, November 9, 2015

RP Characters and Mogs: Taelathin Firehawk

     Here's another RP mog. It's one I've used in bits and pieces leveling since level 40 with additions as he reaches the levels to mog the pieces I want. He's only 88, but I think this one is done. This is Taelathin Firehawk, beast mastery hunter, part time relic hunter, and man of the wild. (He's also Tai's second cousin.)
     I wanted something simple and in muted greens and browns for Lathin, and I've always meant to make a mog that involves this bow, though I didn't realize until I finally did just how much fun the animation for it is. This transmog has two modes. One with helm hidden for every day and one with it shown and a shirt added for extra camouflage since bright red hair can be a bit flashy.
Shoulders: Fortified Spaulders
Wrists: Not shown
     For the sneaky version used for stalking trolls I've shown the helm and added: Green Martial Shirt. The Embroidered Shirt looks even better to me so I will likely begin using that one as soon as I am willing to shell out 1000 gold for it.
     Bonus shot to show off how nifty that bow is.

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