Friday, February 28, 2014

ROYGBiV transmog: Aug's Red Silvermoon hunter transmog

     I have just loved the idea behind Thela's ROYGBiV transmog contest. So of course I couldn't resist entering. Originally I'd meant to make a brand new red mog on a monk. But I couldn't come up with anything that made me happy, so finally I just decided to enter Aug's Silvermoon Archer mog. It's very red and it's one of my very favorite mog creations.
     And it won! I can't adequately express the amount of happiness this gave me. So I'll let Aug give it a try:
    He's giving Lil' Ragnaros a tour of Silvermoon.

And in case anybody is wondering, here are the items for the mog in question: 
Shoulders: Khan's Mantle
Wrists: (don't show and aren't mogged)
Hands: Khan's Gloves
Tabard: Silvermoon City Tabard (obviously)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Catching Up

Day 20: Peace
With the music and the colors Azuremyst Isle has to be one of the most peaceful places in game. 

Day 21: Funny
Sometimes mount things glitch on my screen somehow and end up looking weird when they are just fine on the other player's screen. It leads to me getting some rather funny screenshots like this one where Os seems to be surfing on his wolf. The Darkmoon Faire hats just add to the hilarity.

Day 22:  An Act of Kindness
Seish today on his first flying mount. When the time first came for flying he hadn't earned quite enough gold for the license and everything. But one of my guildies took pity on him and gave him the little extra he needed to get that first flying mount. It made me so happy and was such a generous thing to do. It's one of the many little kindnesses that really made me happy to play this game. It's still the random kindnesses I run into sometimes that really bring a smile to my face. Terrible as the dungeon groups can be, toxic as people can be in LFR there are some wonderfully nice people in WoW too. Sometimes it's good to remind myself of that. Old Ladies, I am looking at you. :D

Day 23: This is where I relax
I play enough Blood Elf alts to have spent a fair deal of time in Eversong Woods and the music is really relaxing. It feels homey to me in a way. It's also a place I can picture Seish going to relax.

     And a little bit on what else I've been up to since I haven't been posting so much: I've been working on entries for the Mog the World transmog contest Dragonray is hosting. It's been so much fun so far! I even won week 2!
     I got a new mouse from the husband for Valentine's day to replace mine that had been slowly dying. It's a Razer Naga 2014 and I'm kind of in love with it so far. It makes things so much easier for using the abilities I currently have bound to the numbers above 6 on my keyboard (my fingers don't like stretching so far).  And it's got pretty green lights and green's my favorite color.
      Laen's been gearing up and I've been practicing my paladin healing and surprising myself by really enjoying it. I don't know if I'm that good at it, though on my last run on Dark Shamans I felt pretty on top of things which surprised me because usually the mess that is that fight makes me want to hide somewhere. (Then again I've mostly done it on melee dps.)
     And there's another little project that I tried very hard and entirely failed to talk myself out of. It probably doesn't help that SprYte is pretty much terrible/awesome about encouraging me into the things I come up with. Expect a post on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Screenshot Post

Day 15: My Drink of Choice
Tai really enjoys his mana "tea". I am fairly certain Tai's mana tea would give me a hangover.

Day 16: Create
I enjoy this screen far too much. Sure I wish the customization had more options but it always feels like the beginning of an adventure when I create a new alt. (I haven't actually... this time, but I'm thinking about it.)

Day 17: Vegetable
They look delicious. I really tried to think of somewhere besides the Valley of the Four Winds where I could take a vegetable shot but I couldn't.

Day 18: Magic
The mogu use some very dark and creepy magic. Tal finds if fascinating.

Day 19: Feet
View from the the feet of the mogu statues in the Vale. I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at this part of the Vale without being a little bit sad.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Screenshot Spam

Being kind of sick this month means that even though I've taken a bunch of shots for this it's taken me ages to actually get them up. 

Day 8: Water
Used this as an excuse for a pretty Moonwell shot. I love Teldrassil. It's so pretty.

Day 9: Details
One of the things that I just love about this game is the details. They're everywhere. If you stop to look at almost anything you'll find all kinds of little details just lovingly tucked in. Inside the tent in the little Pandaren area in the Valley of Honor there are all these interesting things.

Day 10: I am...
Still overly fond of going and hanging around at the Argent Tournament grounds. Even if I don't do anything at all but sit there listening to the music for a while.

Day 11: Mistake
Trying to clean out some of the old crates in the farmhouse had clearly been a mistake!

Day 12: Out & About
Laen out and about doing dailies and things in his new retribution transmog.

Day 13: Perfect
Some of the views in Pandaria just... are.

Day 14: Heart
Laen is trying to win some.

     Next two days to come later. In the meantime I'm getting terribly excited for the new gaming mouse that got ordered for me for Valentine's day to replace mine that's started glitching out terribly. (I may have one of the best husbands ever.) It'll be nice to be able to heal on Laen again without worrying that when I try to hastily move out of something the mouse running thing just may or may not work.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Screenshots and stuff!

Day 5: Square
 It's actually a cube, but it's under Farstrider Square.

Day 6: C is for...
Crusader, Cenarion War Hippogryph, Circle. Mostly I just couldn't resist taking a shot in front of that circle on the front of the shrine.

Day 7: Utensil
Pierre! He has a spatula, and he's adorable.

     Laen's been the one getting spoiled with attention this week and he's had a very lucky week. He did two wings of Throne of Thunder and did not get the shield he wanted (or any other loot but gold) but he did pick up a primal egg and it hatched into this:
     It's so cute and I was so happy that it wasn't the black one I already had. This bring's Seish's mount count up to 183. And then Laen's luck continued. He and and SprYte's Roz dared the first two wings of SoO LFR and in the first wing Laen got loot from every boss, and two things from the Sha of Pride. He finally got a shield from Norushen so now he feels like a real healadin. Of course in the second wing he didn't get anything but gold, but overall I can't complain too much.
     Laen's going to have to do a whole bunch of dailies to be able to buy more lucky coins next week. And I will admit that when I hit 90 I was a little bit disappointed to realize that unlike Tai who does whatever he wants in his healing spec and has a grand time, Laen really does have to try to maintain an at least semi-decent set of ret gear for doing dailies in unless I want them to take all week. On the bright side this allows him a second transmog. (It's almost done. Expect pictures.)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 4

Day 4: Childhood
This little Pandaren looks like he's having a pretty good childhood. Even the turtle looks really happy.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Three Days of Screenshots

Doing Tycertank's Screenshot a Day again for February and have already managed to slack off and put the first two days up late.

Day 1: You
It had to be Seish. We aren't actually that much alike, but well, he's my main so he gets to represent me, and I threw in one of my favorite mounts and favorite battle pets to go with him.  And I think this spot is my new one for going semi-afk on bad days.

Day 2: Favourite
It will probably surprise no one that Silvermoon is my favorite city in game, though Darnassus and Dalaran are really close runners up.

Day 3: Something Orange
I really love the orange trees in Kun-Lai.