Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10th and 11th level 90s

     Sunday Rothorin became 90 number 10! He and Os' alliance priest finally quested up the last little part of the level and then he got a bunch of gear out of his bank for both specs and did what any sensible fresh 90 does and went to Timeless Isle long enough to mostly complete the gear for both sets.
     Now he just needs to finish up engineering and get some gems and he can go play with the Old Ladies when they need his help.

     And today Laen finished up his journey to 90 to become number 11! He had a bank full of holy spec gear waiting for him and right out the gate he's at item level 492 which means he's fashionably geared and ready right on time for his date with SprYte's Roz for Throne of Thunder LFR tomorrow. He's even further ahead of the game than Rothorin because he already had a holy spec transmog all picked out and ready to go. Nothing too exciting, just a pretty plate dress. (I can't help loving this pvp set and of course Laen came along and ruined all of my hatred and refusal to transmog plate dresses because he insists that he likes them.)
     He's got a little blacksmithing left to level but enchanting is maxed out and he's a good portion of the way through the amount of Shado-Pan rep he needs for the fancy ones.

     11 level 90s! I wish I could say this meant I was anywhere near to having one of each class, but no: Three paladins, two monks, two hunters, a death knight, warrior, warlock, and rogue. I know what I like and it's probably pretty obvious to everybody else too. At least the 90 monks and hunters excuse themselves by being one of each faction, but all of my maxed paladins are horde, so far. I'll probably feel the need to fix that at some point.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mini progress report!

     I've had a few goals to accomplish before Warlords hits. Surprised myself today by realizing I'm making decent progress on some of them:

-Get Seish his legendary.
     He's finally finished the RNG portion and is just hanging around on the challenge now. Made my first attempt after several hours of LFRing and having found that it's just as tough as everything else is on melee decided I'd be better served by trying it with a fresh mind that beating my head on it when tired and getting more frustrated. Made another impulsive and rather halfhearted try Monday evening before heading off for the weekly Tempest Keep run. Much better, but still no luck. I'll get it, but after all that pushing with the terrible RNG don't feel like rushing myself to frustration on the part that is all on me. I feel good about this. :D

-Get Rothorin to 90
     He's at 89. Mining is maxed, engineering is just waiting on him growing some harmony at his farm for the last few points. He was last seen hanging around the shrine waiting on his priest friend for the last bit of questing. He's got some gear ready for both specs (brewmaster/mistweaver) so hopefully he'll be able to help the Old Ladies out if they need something besides Tyl and Snowthorn chewing things up.

-Get Laen to 90.
     He's at 82. Blacksmithing is at 500 and ready to start on ghost iron. Enchanting still needs some more Cata mats. After the initial awful feeling of going from barely needing to do anything in Wrath dungeons to 'holy crap why are we all dead?!' in Throne of Tides because of one shot mechanics and dps that will pull the boss, Laen got a decent group the other night and I've decided I'm not actually terrible at this paladin healing thing. He's got a bank full of Timeless Isle gear and fancy weapons waiting for him thanks to account wide BOAs and Os' generosity, so as soon as he hits 90 he gets to try his wings (see what I did there?) in LFRs. If he does well he might get to try getting into a Flex. *crosses fingers*

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shared Topic: Favorite Mounts!

     I saw that Dragonray had asked about people's favorite and least favorite mounts. Well, since mounts are one of my very favorite things, how could I not make a post about it?
     Most of my characters have individual favorite mounts, in fact one of my favorite things to do on new alts since account wide mounts is to go through the list and pick them something special to ride while they level. So before I get into favorite mounts overall, here are the main four I play and their personal ground mounts.

Seish has his Argent Charger. Not only is it a paladin mount, but it is the only mount since account wide mounts that only Seish has access to. So when he's going for a ground mount it's almost always this one:

Tai has his Shado-Pan riding tiger. Rim was exalted and had bought the mounts before Tai was created, so I think this is the only ground mount he's ever ridden. It even has a name, and I can't let anybody else ride it because it's Tai's. Not even Rim, though he's the one who earned it. (Tai did go grind up his rep with Shado-Pan too as soon as he was 90, so it's his fairly now.)

Rim usually rides the Headless Horseman's mount. He won it before they were account wide and it's so handy for farming ore and just getting around in small spaces quickly... and it works as a flying mount too. Rim's also the one who got the drop from Kara so I think he's got a strange affinity for creepy, fiery-hoofed horses.

Then there's Tyl. He's been my main Ally for so long that he rides a wider variety of mounts than most. He likes kitty mounts, but one of the mounts he rides most is the Quel'Dorei steed. After all part of the reason I first started leveling Tyl was because I wanted a freaking unicorn and only Alliance get them:

Overall there are a lot of mounts I just love. Seish's count is up to 182 and very slowly climbing as I get around to doing dailies for the last few tournament mounts and the dragon from Tol Barad and slowly save gold for more of the JC mounts. I love a lot of them and could write entire posts about bunches of mounts, but I made myself weed through and pick a few of my very favorites.

1. Talbuks. All the colors of Talbuks. They were one of the first rep grinds I ever did on Seish because as soon as I saw them I wanted them and I still just love them. I don't have the pvp ones yet... someday.

2. Dragons in general. I like all the colors of the basic drake (still need a blue one and want to know why there isn't a green one.) But specifically this one is the most gorgeous colors, and my friends and I all worked together to get each of us one, so it's special.

3. The Onyxian Drake. I'd seen people on them before but figured I'd never have one so didn't look at them closely enough to be impressed until I actually managed to win one. It's so cute! Seish rides his a lot.

4. Hippogryphs. I've got all I can get in game(not TCG ones) except the Recruit a Friend one. Someday I need to find a couple of people to recruit because I want the zhevra and that emerald one. They're a nice compact size for farming stuff on and they're just such a neat design. The Flameward Hippogryph is my least favorite of them. I can't decide which one I like best. Seish has a macro to summon a random hippogryph on his sidebar.

5. Cloud Serpents. I wonder if I'm one of the only people who actually loves them, crazy wiggly flying and all. I've done the grind to ride them on almost all of my 90s and actually do use them a lot. They are terrible for landing in specific places for farming, but for long flights I find them entertaining. And I like just looking at them because they really are beautiful. It probably helps that I don't get motion sickness. Tai, of course, rides the onyx one:

Honorable mentions: Paladin mounts. I love them.
Dragonhawks. Some of my blood elfiest blood elves ride them a lot, though I think the blue one alliance get is my favorite.

Least favorite mounts: I don't like the undead horses from Undercity. Though the white one from the tournament is kind of neat. I'm not fond of kodos or elekks because though I like the way they look and even though I know it's just my perception they feel slow when I ride them. I have the same problem with the Pandaren turtles. I also don't like Tyrael's Charger. I really want to like it, because it looks neat, but the legs are too short for a horse and the animations are weird and it bothers me.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Thank you, Old Ladies!

Just look at this amazing crew! How epic are we? Very very epic.

     So I've been having kind of a slump. Depression, writer's block, all that fun stuff. Have a post I've been trying to write for weeks and it just hasn't happened yet. But Saturday was Old Ladies Raiding night and the real life stuff managed to get cleared in time for me to pop on for the Firelands. And oh, what a pick me up that always is! Not only do I get to do things I didn't get a chance to do in game before, but I get to do them with the nicest, most relaxing bunch of people possible. Thank all of you so much for making it a complete blast every time I go. 
     Tome's Cat finally got her fire kitty staff! So there had to be a screenshot. Look how amazing and fiery she is! Tyl got a new bow. Another one! His bow collection is starting to rival Aug's. Luckily he hasn't ended up with any of the bows Aug really wants or there might be trouble in the ranks. Tyl's new bow went well with a set I'd been collecting bits and pieces of for a while but never mogged him into, so he's wearing that now, though he still needs the matching gloves and a not hideous helm to wear with it. Oh, and a new cape. It's a work in progress, but mogs in progress are fun. And every time I look at that bow it makes me happy.
     Doesn't he just look fancy? When it's all done I'll do a proper mog post with all the goodies, but for now have a preview. There was talk of a Horde side Old Ladies run too. I do hope that happens some time.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! 

      I meant to do a year end post reviewing how all my projects have been going. Obviously that didn't happen. December's a busy month, but it's been a pretty good one toward the end, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring. I've got a few hopes:
     Obviously there's the likelihood that the expansion will hit sometime this year and I'm very much looking forward to that. I think I might even be mostly ready when it comes. Have a couple more characters I want to level and put in some time on, Seish's legendary to finish (so close), some mogs to finish gathering and a few things here and there, but I'm definitely excited and looking ahead.
     There's also this blog. I hope to post more than I did in December, maybe branch out and finish some of the more creative posting ideas I've been working on for a bit. There are a lot of things I hope for from the New Year, but most of all I hope to keep writing this blog I love and spending time with the people I care about in game. I hope it will be a great year for all of us!