Friday, November 1, 2013

Screenshots and Character Progress.

     First of all, Tycertank's doing it again: November Screenshot of the Day. And I did have loads of fun with it in September so I think I'll do it again.
Day 1: Fruit
The table in Tai's farmhouse has a cute little fruit bowl on it. (And some other pretty neat stuff)

     And I've been busy around here. Tuesday Laen did enough dungeons to hit level 40. I didn't manage to screenshot the achievement when it actually popped because it was in the middle of a gigantic and very chaotic pull.
     That run he had possibly one of the worst tanks I've ever had the privilege of dealing with. Mini rant incoming: The tank was a warrior and he didn't really pull exactly, he just kind of ran through the instance with a train of mobs behind him. Any time his health dropped and Laen healed him several of the mobs would peel off and come after Laen. The tank never slowed down, far as I could tell he never taunted or anything. Finally in the first room of that particular run of Dire Maul (Warpwood Quarter, I think) The entire room was aggroed, half of them were on Laen, a quarter of them were on the dps, there was freezing and interrupting of casting and then there was a wipe. I asked if we could slow down a little, told the tank I kept getting aggro from things and they were eating Laen and slowing him down so I couldn't keep up. Tank told me I had bubbles for that.
     I did not tell him that he had enraged regeneration and he could use it since I couldn't be bothered to do the job I had queued for either, but I was sorely tempted. I did start using the bubble every time it was off cooldown/forbearance and managed to heal through the rest of the instance despite aggro being everywhere, but if every tank I had had been like that I don't think I'd ever heal anything again. Still Laen's doing well, I'm enjoying playing him for the most part and he can finally start equipping bits and pieces of plate which I'm very excited over.

     Wednesday night Tal hit 90! That makes 9 level 90s for me. (Though only 7 different classes.)
     He was item level 435 when he hit 90. Then he hearthed back to the shrine, walked to the bank and two minutes later he was item level 480. It's nice being the spoiled alt with a bank full of gear just waiting for you. I love the look of the Timeless Isle gear on him and will probably keep it for his transmog, unless I can get the red recolor of this same set which I like better.
     The stylish archaeology umbrella completes the look nicely, I think. At least I love it. Tal feels a lot squishier and less effective at 90 than he did on his way up, but I think that's largely because he still needs to pester Seish for gems and then pay a visit to the reforger, once I look up which stats he needs to focus on. I probably also need to get better at warlocking. Still now he can fly to finish maxing out his herbalism research and maybe even get a farm started to grow his own flowers on. He'll like that.

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