Monday, November 11, 2013

Screenshot Days 10-11

Day 10: Book
I seem to keep coming back to the Inscription shop in Dalaran for these but... just look at these books. They look so neat :D

Day 11: A memory
This one seemed like it just about had to be an old screenshot rather than a new one. Going through my screenshot folders there were so many I almost picked so many shots full of guildies. And some of them don't play any more. In the end though I couldn't resist going with one of my favorite shots. Thera (my rogue) and Divi (my friend's paladin) watch Thrall's proposal back in Cata. I think they look like they're having a conversation about it. Divi had just helped Thera with the quest for the epic cape, which she'd never have been able to finish by herself because I am bad at rogues. But you know with a tauren prot paladin in tow Thera didn't have so much trouble. "And he's so beefy! <3" Was Thera's commentary when teased by guildies about her 'new squeeze'. There was an entire joking, half in-character RP conversation in guild chat. And that particular comment is now sort of an inside joke.

     And the crazy silly things that used to happen when my guild was bigger and more full of people were one of the things that really made me fall in love with the game. There are a lot of other things I love. I love the world, I love my characters, I love that I don't lose hours of xp and maybe entire levels when I die a lot (Everquest, I am looking at you.) I love the new friends I've made since then. But it's that guild and my awesome, crazy friends that got me into WoW and made me love it. Thanks, guys!

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