Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warlords of Draenor

Day 13: Part of Me
This is one of my older WoW characters. She's based (very loosely) on one of my oldest RP characters, and the little direhorn is my little one's favorite in game pet so its name is one of her nicknames. And I love Night Elves. If they had paladins... I might not play horde so much. Was hard for me to pick something for this screenshot, but I feel like this works.

     And belatedly I'm posting a few thoughts on the new expansion. My first viewing of the trailer just let me going: What?! But also: Wow! I'll freely admit I've watched it several times since then and devoured a bunch of information so I now feel like I've got a fairly good idea of what is known about it so far. And though at first I really wasn't sure what/how to feel about it, now I'm getting kind of excited. Even though time travel is seriously one of my least favorite story themes ever. Seriously, I hate it. I've purposely not read several books that I am told are quite good simply because someone told me they're about time travel. I'll admit I've seen it done well but it always kind of bugs me.
     And yet... I'm still super excited for the new expansion. What we have seen of Draenor so far looks gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous. Shadowmoon Valley seems like it's going to make me very glad I've got Alliance Alts so they can play in it. And Frostfire Ridge looks like it might be one of those mountainous snowy zones I always seem to fall in love with. Storm Peaks and Kun Lai summit are some of my very favorites. And really there isn't a zone I'm not excited to see. The storyline seems like it's be as much Alternate Universe as Time Travel so that should be interesting as well.
     Garrisons sound like an amazing concept. They were one of the things that when I first saw in the trailer I just went 'What?!' Then I read a thing. And then I was super excited. Seish can't wait to be Lord Commander of a Garrison. He's already named it. The rest of them aren't quite that enthusiastic but it's exciting. I have a sneaking hope that Tyl's Garrison will look like my Night Elf bases in Warcraft III (which I am terrible at, but husband and I used to play anyway. We'd team up vs the computer and then he'd spend the campaign rescuing me from the AI)
      New character models! I'm hoping maybe Tyl can finally have eyebrows even though he doesn't have a beard! And that Gawaine will have a less stupid looking face! And now I want to free up characters slots for a dwarf... and a draenei paladin.I'm incredibly excited... and a little nervous for the new models. Can't wait to see what they'll actually look like.
     There are a ton of storage and UI improvements I'm excited over. Actually account wide heirlooms means I might have to start actually buying some again to make stuff easier on the alts. I had mostly played on Seish's server originally, but I've got Alliance alts on other servers and am slowly building up some alts on Tai's server because it's PVE instead. So it will be nice to actually give them heirlooms.
     I'm already seriously thinking about what I'll do with a free level 90. Level one of the alts? Make the draenei paladin I suddenly really want? I'll probably make up my mind and change it a million times before we even know when the expansion's actually coming. Past history makes me much more inclined with putting it on a class I actually have some idea how to play simply so I won't end up needing to level another alt to figure out how to play the character.
     And now I'm starting to seriously think about the things I really want to accomplish before this expansion 'ends'. I'm going to be a little sad to see it go. I really love Pandaria, and I've enjoyed a lot of the story. (Yay, Lor'themar!) And before my guys start shipping out for new adventures there are some things I feel like I really need to do.
-Seish is going to get that Legendary cloak, somehow... even if it takes him 7 more weeks to get the Secrets (which at one a week it's looking to do.)
-Rothorin's going to hit level 90. (72 so far)
-Laen's going to hit level 90. (47 so far)
-If I manage Rothorin and Laen to 90 Tiuli is next.
     There are a lot more things I'd like to do, but most of them will probably not happen, like doing Siege on Flex difficulty, or even getting to try out a challenge mode dungeon. But if I can meet the goals I've set I'll be mostly happy... and super excited to see the new content. So bring it on! (but not too soon. I still have stuff to finish.)


  1. Me too, I can't even figure out Mages and plate wearers when I start from level one, lol. I definitely need to boost someone I already know how to play so I'll probably wait and see what race's new model I like best.

    1. Waiting on the new race models definitely sounds like a good idea too. :D I'm really just excited to see them. They've already made me want more orcs and a dwarf. Can't wait to see what they do with tauren and trolls.
      And on figuring out mages? I'm not sure I've ever managed to get one far enough to know whether I'd figured them out.

  2. Connie Willis does time travel right. If you haven't read Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, and Blackout/All Clear, you really, really should. Even if they're the only time travel books you ever make yourself suffer through. ;)

    1. I've heard of, and I think even read some good book reviews for these. Maybe I'll actually see if the library has one the next time I'm looking for a new read since you suggest them too. :)

  3. For me, it will be worth putting up with the time travel/alternate universe storyline silliness just to explore an un-destroyed Draenor. But then we need to get back to our own Azeroth and find out just what it is that Wrathion is so very anxious about.

    Sounds like you need that Draenei Paladin to me. Time to reserve a name and a face. :)

    Best of luck with your goals! I have various things I'd like to accomplish in Mists, too -- getting my Legendary cloak being one of them! -- but I'm trying to avoid formalizing them into a "to do" list until we actually have a release date. Hopefully by the time that happens, I'll have accomplished most of them already!

    1. I'm excited about un-destroyed Draenor too. It's the main thing that's making me go 'hey maybe time travel won't be so bad.' But yes... what is Wrathion worried about? The storyline for this expansion doesn't seem to quite fit the bill. What he said sounded very Burning Legion to me.

      I might just have already half picked out a name and spent some time fiddling with appearance for a draenei paladin but I'm not quite positive enough to reserve it just yet :)

      I'm really hoping to have most of mine done too before we hear about a release date. That's why I didn't put more on it, even though there are some other little things I definitely want to accomplish too. Best of luck with your cloak and your goals too!