Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Of Guilds and Raids and Such.

Day 20: Communication
Mailboxes in Azeroth are pretty darn amazing really, if you think about how they work. I love the fact that they have so many different looks too.

     Last night on sort of a whim we wrangled a few people together to try to do Dragon Soul. Five people in fact: Me (on Tai), SprYte on her shaman, Os (to tank), husband on Syri, and Ret's player on his monk, Taiki. We'd all LFRed it in Cataclysm and there was even one ill fated attempt at a guild run on normal where we wiped repeatedly on Morchok. We actually had enough people in the guild at one point in Cataclysm to get ten people to walk into a raid. Problem was that our guild has always been a small social guild so about half of those ten people were very undergeared and had limited rotation knowledge. And the same half had very little patience for wiping while learning fights.
     Most of those people no longer play but the rest of us walked in there last night, for the heck of it and the chance of transmog gear. It was nice getting to do the fights on normal, even if they're so easy with current gear that it's not really worth being very proud of. It was fun. We chattered in vent and made Syri take the mage tokens because nobody else could use them for mogging. We only got through half of it before bedtime, and then decided we probably should have been working on the achieves while we were at it. Maybe next week. Part of the reason for going in was pally mog gear for Os. So of course that meant we got no drops of those. Still it was a good night and I took some awesome screenshots of Nozdormu because he's very neat looking.

Cool guys don't look at insane, fire-breathing, world destroying dragons... or explosions. (And please Blizz can I have the option of sticking awesome tattoos like Nozdormu's on my characters?)

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