Sunday, November 24, 2013

Harsh Words

Day 24: A Word
Seish using the Glyph of Harsh Words. I have to wonder what he's saying. Apparently it hurts.

     I try really hard not to use harsh words in dungeons or raids. (Not the glyph so much as the stuff I type.)It's easier for me to remember not to do this on Laen because it'd be really out of character for him even when people do really dumb things. Also no matter what I'm playing, but especially on a healer, I try to make a point to tell good tanks they're good. Because it's always nice hearing you're doing a good job, and tanks tend to catch a lot of crap. Three cheers for good tanks. Laen loves you, Seish appreciates you keeping his surprisingly squishy plate clad self from taking the brunt of the damage, and Tyl tries to remember to keep growl off for you.

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