Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two Days of Screenshots and Miscellaneous stuff

Day 26: Message
A signal is sent out. But what Rhonin says? That's a message. I still love hearing it, no matter how often it happens now.

Day 27: No!
My first play through of the Jade Forest when the cut scene started with the fighting at the foot of the statue, all I could say was. "Oh no. Oh no." It still makes me so sad to see it.

     There'll be a Thanksgiving post later. But for now, had a good day today. Seish got one more Secret of the Empire. One more to go... and then it's on to the next random drop thing that'll take ages to collect. But I'm still happy about it. Tyl helped the littlest Death Knight run ICC with some awesome heals from Ret's Alliance Priest. It was fun. Os gave Fal a bunch of runthroughs of Stratholme and Fal now has portals! He's so excited.
     And on the note of Fal: Laen is leveling and his gear is a hodgepodge of mail and plate that just looks AWFUL. I may have to screencap the awful for posterity later. Fal on the other hand is also leveling, and his gear looks like this:
     I'll admit the wrists are mogged because he got some really ugly purple ones. But the rest of it's what he's actually wearing and aside from those boots being kind of... ahem... interesting on a guy I don't think he looks bad at all. (Though he is also awfully fiery looking for an arcane mage.)

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