Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getting Distracted

Day 6: Music (For Tycertank's Screenshot a Day)
The organ in Karazhan.  Which has a lot of detail I'd never taken the time to walk over and look at. Thera stealthed in for a screenshot and nobody even had to die (except that one valet who got nosy. We won't talk about that.)

    I'm really good at distracting myself in game. I tend to have goals and sometimes I focus on them pretty well and I usually get to them. Just once in a while I find myself switching them around or going at them in roundabout ways that sort of make me shake my head at myself. I've got a lot of alts I want to level right now. Laen's a pretty high priority, I'm really enjoying paladin healing and I'm not going to lie, the idea of getting him to 90 and mogging him all up is part of the appeal.
     But lately my husband has taken up tanking! (This is the guy who mains a mage.) On a Death Knight! On Alliance Side! And she's getting pretty close to 90 and he keeps asking me what we're going to do when he gets her to 90. Well on Alliance side all I've got is Tyl.  And they can run around together, but then I decided, wouldn't it be nice if I could offer more than just dps Ally side? Then if the Old Ladies Raiding Guild needed something besides another hunter I could help out too. So I've started working on Rothorin again. I'd meant to finish out Outland tanking dungeons to get more of the hang of monk tanking but wasn't feeling it last night so I hammered out the last quests in Netherstorm to hit 68 and then went off to Borean Tundra to do some questing I'd been looking forward to for a while. I've never done the Ally side quests in the Tundra so whee I'm off exploring and reading all the quest text... and remembering yet again just why it's so much fun to quest on a tank.
     Still leveling Laen, still working on Seish's cloak (Secrets of the Empire, I hate you!) But now also leveling Rothorin again. He was supposed to be my first level 90 monk. Maybe he'll be my second?

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