Sunday, November 24, 2013

Old Ladies Raiding Guild: Firelands

Day 23: Simplicity
Orcish architecture seems simple until you look at the details a bit more closely. There are a lot of little details in WoW, in the end I couldn't find anything that seemed very plain and simple but still made for an interesting screenshot.

     Today didn't start off very well for me, but it ended up being pretty good. I had stuff in real life that made me late for the Old Ladies' Firelands run but they were kind enough to find a spot for Tyl when I finally got on. So at least I got to help down the last three bosses! And we did it! Did it quite well too. :D Ragnaros died even though we only had one healer (Go Mataoka!) and there was fire all over the place.
    Yay, we are conquering heroes! (Snowthorn sat out the fight so Bloodstone could be available for battle rezzing.) I need to get better at getting good screenshots of everybody. But that was lots of fun and did a lot to make me smile after a sort of crappy day. :) 
     Then to make things even better Seish queued into Wing One of SoO again and got three Secrets! In one run! Only two more to go. He also got the same pair of boots twice off of the Sha of Pride. They weren't an upgrade either time, but I don't even care. The RNG was still pretty nice to me this evening.


  1. I'm glad you had a good RNG day! You guys did great on Ragnaros, I watched from the lava, cheering for you, lol!

    1. That lava was evil! Bloodstone was going to try to battle rez you but we couldn't find you.