Saturday, November 2, 2013

Screenshots... and random stuff.

Day 2: I did this today
Healed Dire Maul on Laen.

     It wasn't the only thing I did today.
-Tal ran an LFR in hope of transmog gear. Yep, you heard that right. For transmog gear. I'm a terrible person.
-Rim, Aug, Tai, and Khaelyss did their farming and daily cooldowns.
-Tyl tried an LFR for a new weapon and when that didn't work went to the Timeless Isle and ground out the last few coins to buy himself one.
-Khaelyss mined a ton of thorium.
-Laen turned the thorium into bracers and then dusts and shiny shards.
     It was a lazy sort of day and so I was busy on WoW. Which was nice because I accomplished bunch of little random things for characters, but nothing big and impressive like I might have hoped. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finally take Seish in to do the final wing of SoO LFR, and then probably squeeze in a few more runs of ToT for those Secrets of the Empire that just won't seem to drop at all now. I've managed to get a lot less drops since they instituted the catch up mechanism than I did before, which feels very frustrating. But maybe next run. Luck's bound to change at some point.


  1. Heh, you're no more terrible a person than I am. My Warrior's entire LFR career was based on getting purty items for Transmogrification. Someday, I'd like to get my Paladin into the second wing of Heart of Fear for the Scimitar of Seven Stars and into whichever wing of Siege drops the Paladin tier lookalike shoulders -- just for the 'mogging. :P

    1. And now I feel much better. :D Maybe Tal and your warrior can have a club 'cause it's kind of looking like his LFR career is going to be just for the mogging too. There are just some things in there that are too darn pretty to resist! And well once the level cap gets raised it'll be next to impossible to get them so I guess we are completely justified!

  2. Actually after seeing the chest that one of the warlocks picked up last night in our normal run I'm really tempted to get my lock into lfr just so she has a chance at a similar coloured one :)

    1. The set I'm going for is the set from MSV if the one you mean is from SoO now I'm going to have to go look what that one looks like and see if Tal needs to gear up better to do transmog runs for it too. lol