Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 9

Day 9: Mine
There are many Netherwing Drakes but this one is mine. Also it's outside a mine.

     Been doing some leveling on Rothorin. Have managed to get the mats to get his engineering and mining caught up to Northrend now and questing has so far taken him from 68 to 71 in very little time. The monk buff with rested xp and a couple of heirlooms adds up to a really nice bonus. And questing on a tank is as much fun as I remember.
     Especially when there are quests to do I've never done with lore and story. I really enjoyed this quest where Rothorin borrowed Thassarian's horse. Really wish there were actual horse mounts sized like this so male nelfs could look this awesome riding their own horses. Tyl and Rothorin's horses all look just a bit too small for them.

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