Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving/Pilgrim's Bounty

Day 28: I am grateful for...
All these crazy people I play with! (And the ones who aren't in the screenshot too) This was from an old Well of Eternity Guild Run. We used to stop and take pics of our Night Elf incarnations at the beginning. Right to left: Syri (husband's mage), Divi, Roy (Os' retired priest alt), Alice (Ret's warrior alt), Nyv (my dk, who has a mohawk). Apologies for the editing. This was before I learned how to turn off names for screenshots.

     And in honor of Thanksgiving and Pilgrim's Bounty this is a post about the things in Azeroth I'm most thankful for.

-I'm thankful for this beautiful game which has given me numerous hours of fun and enjoyment.

-I'm thankful for my husband who is (mostly) patient with my playing it and who joins me in Azeroth for many adventures.
(Syri and Rim leveling)

-I'm thankful for my friend SprYte who got me into this by Recruiting me and giving me my copies of the game and BC. :D And who plays Roz and runs around with Seish when it's leveling time and joins me in all sorts of ridiculous silliness if I just ask her too. Actually I have to be grateful to SprYte for a great deal of the awesome in my life.
(Seish and Roz getting ready for a race through heroic Sethekk Halls. Because.)

-I'm thankful for my friend Os who was one of the people who welcomed me into the game when I first started and made it so much fun for me. Before she left for a bit she healed Rim through countless Cata heroics and helped me get my tanking confidence. Later she came back to it again and plays with me a lot.
(Os and Tai. One of the rare shots without Os' helmet)

-I'm thankful for my friend Yavi who finally gave into my pestering and let me recruit him into the game and helped me level Khaelyss and is generally just a wonderful person to be around.
(Yavi and Khaelyss and goggles)

-And I'm thankful for Divi and Ret (In the screenshot up top, but sadly not as present in my screenshot folder as I wish). They are part of our D&D crew and who are almost always game for helping with whatever we dream up in game too.

-I'm thankful for so many other people that I only know in game. All the people whose blogs I read that inspired me to make one of my own and who have been nice enough to read my silliness and add me to their lists. If I try to list everybody here I'll miss people for sure, but the ones I've been lucky enough to add to battletag and talk to in game (so far*) are: KamaliaMatty, and Repgrind. But the rest of the awesome people in the Old Ladies Raiding Guild, I am thankful for all of you. I've had so much fun running with you!

    I love World of Warcraft. It's a fun game with so many things to do. But the very best things about it are the people I spend time with in it. And those people are what I'm the most thankful for this Pilgrim's Bounty/Thanksgiving. Thank you for existing and being awesome people!

*My battletag is PlaidElf#1103. I welcome blogger friends :D


  1. OMG! So many good looking Blood Elves in one place! Cat swoons!

    1. Poor Cat! My blog is probably a dangerous place for her. :D And only half of these good looking Blood Elves are even mine. Though I've got plenty more that didn't make it into the post too.