Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy 9th Anniversary of WoW!

Day 19: Where you ate breakfast
Since I can't really figure out how to screenshot my kitchen counter (There's a severe shortage of coffee pots in WoW) we'll go with where Laen ate breakfast. Laen had business with the paladin trainer in Orgrimmar so he ate breakfast at the Wyvern's Tail this morning instead of home in Silvermoon. He was not incredibly impressed with the food. (It was um.... hearty?) Or the decor (Rustic?) But he tries to be polite about things.

     I've been using the Anniversary boost to work on leveling a few characters. Every little bit helps, right? So Fal got from 35 to 38 yesterday, mostly from running dungeons with his priest traveling buddy and SprYte's only paladin tank. We did this this the old fashioned way, by riding a really long way on hawkstriders so we could walk into Razorfen Kraul and then Maraudon together. (The intrepid trio made a beginning attempt at the Warpwood Quarter of Dire Maul too but decided they'd come back to that later.)
     On the more solo front, Laen has finally reached level 50!
     So far, so good. Leveling really has been the best way for me to figure out how Holy works so far, and I've been having a lot of fun queueing for dungeons, by myself, as a healer! Something I never would have had courage for before Tai. I'm getting better and better at keeping up with tanks who run like their asses are on fire and at excusing myself if they die because  I was around the corner and down the hall and trying to catch up. I've tanked enough to know that it's partly the tank's job to pay enough attention to know where the healer is and it's out of my control if they don't do that.
     I'd taken a screenshot of Laen for a closer look at how he appears at level 50 in his terrible hodgepodge of mail and bits of plate, but he'd rather we didn't post it. Thanks to the lack of int plate heirlooms he can't actually make use of the plate specialization ability he just got... probably until he heads for Pandaria, so I've felt free to roll need on upgrade bits of mail as well if there's nobody in the party who can use them. Ten more levels until flying. :D

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