Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallow's End!

     There are a lot of awesomely creepy things in WoW. So I decided to take my creepiest character to visit a couple of my favorites today.
     Deadwind Pass is one of my favorite zones in WoW at any time of year. What can I say? I really like creepy things, and it's always got such an eerie feeling to it. Sometimes when the mood strikes me I take a character over there, saddle up a ground mount and just gallop around looking at things. Nyv borrowed the Headless Horseman's mount for this shot even though he's got a creepy undead horse of his own.
     Then it was on over to Duskwood. I quested all the way through this zone when leveling Tyl and I loved it. (I really like creepy things.) One of my favorite parts of the zone is the cemetery, and more specifically the extensive crypt underneath it. Tyl explored the whole thing at level, even before he had quests for it just because I was thoroughly enjoying the creepy feeling of wandering through it and not knowing what might lie in wait. Tyl had gone in through the backdoor on the other side of the cemetery. Nyv, however, decided to control the guardian and stroll through the front door. It's just how he is.
     I wandered through all of it again taking screenshots here and there just for fun. There's the creepy lab full of experiments.
     And this hallway, which is mostly empty but just looks wonderfully eerie. I took lots more screenshots, but these were the best and eeriest I think. This one in particular makes me feel like there should be a story attached to it, about some nervous explorer wandering into a place they really shouldn't be. Maybe someday I'll write it.
     In the meantime Happy Hallow's End/Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween! Duskwood is one of the best zones in game for celebrating Hallows End I think, the jack o'lanterns and candles suit Darkshore and the atmosphere when you're out and about is perfect.

    1. I definitely agree about Duskwood. It's the perfect creepy zone for Hallow's End. Even without the pumpkins it's so eerie and atmospheric... and with them? Perfect. XD