Monday, October 14, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week: Shaman

It's Shaman week over at Laeleiweyn's Alt Appreciation. So it was time for me to dig through the roster for shamans. I have... one. I have had others. Macangus the druid was originally a shaman. That's even in his character story. But then I decided tauren druids were better so he got rerolled. Tchulin... he's a long story for another time... was a shaman once, or twice. I lose track. But Tchulin has finally settled on being a  monk when I get around to him and Macangus is definitely better as a druid. So the only shaman I have left is:

Level 48 Enhancement Shaman
I have a lot of reasons for wanting to love Naneeri. For one thing, she's gorgeous. For another thing I know two people who just love shamans and enjoy playing them. So it must be an amazing class. So after Macangus decided to be a druid and Tchulin decided to be several different things and finally a monk I made Naneeri.
She's a draenei which is a race that I like a lot more than you'd think when looking at my character roster and seeing a grand total of one. And here's the thing: I just can't figure out what to do with Naneeri. I'd sort of hammered out her enhancement rotation right before all the big changes rolled out and I switched to all of my other classes to try and sort them out. I didn't ever get back to her. She's been sitting in Stormwind for ages waiting for attention. A few weeks ago I logged onto her to have a look. I thought... you know I was having a really tough time with enhancement before the changes and SprYte and Divi's shamans are both resto, I feel more confident with healing since Tai. Maybe I should give resto a go.
Naneeri galloped over to find the shaman trainer and promptly got herself a shiny new resto spec. She switched into it... I opened the spellbook and just stared at all the spells. Then realized she had all the wrong gear for healing and that on her server I don't have any characters that can help her out... and all the spells. I don't know what any of them do or what they're for. I gave an exasperated sigh and logged over to play on Seish.
Well it's shaman week now. Naneeri's time has finally come (maybe). I think I'd like to try resto. And that means that sometime this week I need to sit down and go through her spell book one spell at a time and try to figure it out. That means she's going to have to go quest in enhance and try to pick up at least some bits of the right type of gear. But maybe, just maybe, I'll learn to shaman.
I have some reservations about this... I've given it a try several times and for some reason I just haven't managed so far to figure out just how shamans work. To me it feels like there are too many things to do and I can't figure out which ones I'm supposed to do at all, or first. But it's shaman week. I'm going to give it another shot. It would be nice if by the end of the week she could at least be a level 50 resto shaman.

     In other character news Tai spent probably two hours Thursday running scenarios until he finally had the jp to buy Laen his heirloom shield.
     And that is it. Unless the guild gets achieves that open up more heirlooms for gold Laen gets no more. Tai refuses to run any more scenarios for the sake of little blood elf holy paladins. And it's not that the scenarios were bad, though I was surprised at the one where the ret pally tried to insist Tai should switch to a dps spec. Tai does not have a dps spec. Tai does not actually have any spec other than Mistweaver. But he pulls his weight, and in the end the scenario, even with what I think was a healing priest for the third, didn't take any more time than they usually do.
     Still Laen's pretty happy with his shield. And I really can't wait to keep leveling him. I'm having immense amounts of fun, and healing gear is still kind of hard to come by for holy paladins, but he's got three heirlooms with the right stats now, so that should help a lot in covering for other pieces that are a bit less helpful.


  1. Good luck with the getting +Int gear from questing!

    I don't remember when you get what spells, alas, though by level 50 you should certainly have Chain Heal. I don't think you get that until sometime in the mid-forties, and when I leveled Second Shaman in late Cata, I felt really gimped until I got it.

    You want to have Earth Shield on your tank and Water Shield on yourself as much as possible. Keep Riptide rolling on the tank, too. Healing Wave is your moderate cast time, cheap, go-to heal. Greater Healing Wave packs a big punch, but it's a slow cast -- I like to use Unleash Elements first, to drop some immediate healing on the target as a buffer while I'm spinning up that GHW. Healing Surge is fast and heals well, but it also costs a lot of mana -- it's more of a panic button. I usually try to place Healing Rain so that the tank and melee are just inside one edge of the circle, and then I move to stand in the opposite edge of the circle. I usually target Chain Heal through either the tank or a melee DPS so that I know it will hit a bunch of people -- single target heals are better for ranged DPS because they may or may not be standing somewhere that a Chain Heal can bounce from them to someone else. I think that about covers the toolkit of a sub-level 60 Shaman. Good luck! :D

    1. Wow! Thanks so much! Hopefully I'll manage to get at least some helpful gear from questing but I doubt the gear will help half as much as this comment did :D You make it sound simple enough I'm finding a lot more courage for giving it a shot.