Friday, October 25, 2013

Tal progress (Warlock Week)

     This made me laugh today. No, not Tal's leveling gear, though that's pretty funny too, but the fact that this fellow finds the guy on the flaming demonic horse with the big blue demon following him around to look 'trustworthy'. Some of the NPC dialogue in general just seems a little off when applied to things like warlocks and death knights. But that just gives me something to laugh at.
     Tal's about halfway through 87 now. And he has had one death in Pandaria but that was entirely my fault. He's been doing so stinking well that I got a little cocky and decided he could totally handle that Zandalari Warscout. The Zandalari Warscout didn't think so. Still no deaths to mobs he's supposed to be questing on or anything he could actually reasonably be expected to handle yet. He might actually make 90 by Sunday, or certainly a day or two after.
     This cave has caused many a death on my other characters while leveling. Going in to retrieve those turnips is something I'd kind of come to dread. The mobs like to run off and pull yet more mobs and there are plenty for a leveling character to begin with. But Tal just waltzed in, set everything on fire, picked up his turnips and walked back out over the smoking bodies. Warlocks are pretty darn fun. Not as much fun as paladins, but pretty darn fun. Of course I have no idea if I'd be doing that well dps wise in group content since I really haven't tried any in a while. I might have to try to work in a random dungeon next time I'm working on him.

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