Friday, October 4, 2013

Of Kodos and Kegs... and Timeless Isle Mishaps

     I'm a little ashamed of myself that my last post was ranty. Just a little bit ranty for me, because really and truly I can get worse, but still. This one isn't. It's been a decent week for the most part... but WHY can I not get in on a fresh run of SoO Wing 2? This is Seish's current lament. Still he did manage to win a new ring off one of the bosses he did get to kill and between that and a burden of eternity his item level is still steadily climbing.
     Brewfest is on. Since I'd finished the achieve for my violet proto-drake a while back I don't always take much notice of the in-game holidays any more, but then  someone reminded me about the mounts. I got the ram the first year I did it, but I still didn't have the kodo, so Os' player and I have been diligently running the boss every day on several characters. And today Tai got the lucky drop. So here he is on his shiny new brewfest kodo. Of all my characters it does seem oddly appropriate that Tai would be the one to win this mount. He does like his beer.
     And speaking of beer I had nipped over there to see about getting Tai into the Brew of the Month club (which I still need to do) but then I got distracted by checking out the souvenirs and seeing that they had this:
     A Pandaren brewkeg. I had to have one for Tai and I've already had a bunch of fun running around with it and getting people drunk. Tai's in a new mog too, his fancy leathers, because it seems appropriate to dress up for killing your Warchief.

     And there's the Timeless Isle. Tyl's still hanging around over there off and on, slowly trying to see about grinding up coins for a new bow because RNG hasn't been kind to him and it would be better than what he has. And well, SprYte's Alliance Death Knight just hit 90 so I talked her into getting herself some new gear on the Isle with promises of Tyl for company.
     We decided to catch some birds up so she could get her blazing chest and that's when things got interesting. She'd caught her bird and Tyl and Snowthorn waited somewhat impatiently for another one to fly by. Eventually one did and Tyl shot it. Only instead of picking up Tyl the albatross scooped up Snowthorn and started to fly away with her. Tyl was forced to chase it down and shoot it out of the sky to get his cat back. Darn birds. Luckily the next one he tried shooting behaved much more as expected. Still I laughed really hard and wished I could have managed to take a decent screenshot of the experience.

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