Monday, October 7, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week: Rogues

     I've really been enjoying Laeleiweyn's Alt Appreciation Weeks! Forces me to look through my many many alts and see what I've got. Seems like we've reached the end of the alphabet list of classes where I don't have a whole lot. This week is rogues. Rogues are a class where I just love the concept, but when it comes to the execution I am terrible. I just don't seem to be good at sneaking around. I've got a grand total of two rogues, and well, here they are.

Level 90 Combat Rogue
     Thera is a character I have a love/hate relationship with. I love her. I love the idea of her, I even love her transmog (though she needs a new sword.) I hate playing her. I am so very very bad at it. And yet, you say, she is 90. Well that's largely due to Recruit Friend and my stubbornness. It doesn't hurt that she's the only semi active rogue in her guild and Rim gets tired of wasting his ghost iron on keys. Thera was created way back when I still had free slots on my main server. Meant to play her and level her with SprYte's warlock, but the warlock didn't really get off the ground and my husband had gained a lot of levels via RAF so I just had him give Thera enough to get her to 80 figuring I'd figure out how to play her using a guide. I quested her up to 85 in Cata, farmed up leather for a full set of pvp stuff and set off to the battlegrounds in subtlety spec.
      After a few queues Thera set up shop in Orgrimmar until Mists hit. A few weeks ago I went ahead and finished slogging her up to 90 so she could finally open Mists lockboxes. She got epics... her first at level epics from Seish and the guys when they went to the Isle. So she's having a pretty good time, shiny purple gear and she doesn't have to work for it because I'm too bad to punish people by going into random things with her.
     Character wise Thera's modeled after a D&D character. In retrospect I probably should have known better. In D&D she was a bard and was, predictably, pretty terrible at combat.

Level 22 Combat Rogue
     Tav's been made mostly as an attempt to actually learn how to play a rogue. I think part of the reason I'm bad at Thera is because I really do learn classes best by leveling them and I skipped most of that with her. So Tav. He's supposed to be leveling with SprYte's priest and Os' warrior, so between everybody's schedules he doesn't see a lot of play time. Still what he has seen is interesting. After all, not every level 22 can say he walked into Stormwind Stockades with two friends. (It took much much longer to get into the dungeon than it did to three-man it.)
     Character wise, Tav is Tai's uncle, and he's really pretty much a jerk. Being me, I like him anyhow.

     On other notes. Seish finally got his achieve for wing 2 of the Siege of Orgrimmar tonight, and a shiny new pair of plate shoulders. But no Secrets. Apparently I'm not actually going to get those from doing stuff he can get gear in and am going to have to go run ToT until he gets ten more. This is the closest I've felt to actually roadblocked on this quest since I started it. Maybe next week I'll forgo new gear in favor of trying to get more Secrets with my limited LFR time.
     Still was an awesome run at Siege. I was afraid running it late Monday night was going to end up being a terrible idea but I got a really amazing group that easily downed the first two bosses with no wipes. I like to think that they did the same to the last two but since I'd already done them this week and I was tired I didn't stick around to see.

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