Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shaman Week Recap

     In some ways this has been the best week of Laeleiweyn's Alt Appreciation for me so far. Hunter week I met all my goals, and paladin week I made Laen, Monk week well I met most of my goals there too, but shaman week did what I think this exercise was really supposed to accomplish. It got me in touch with a character that I really didn't think I'd ever play and it feels a bit like I've rediscovered her.
      I don't know if poor Naneeri would have managed to get played at all this week despite all my good intentions if it hadn't been first for Kamalia taking the time to comment with a really helpful basic rundown of shaman healing. Thank you so much. :) That set me in order enough that I sat down and got Vuhdo and her bars all configured. I looked over her armor and realized that at some point I'd apparently already started trying to convert her into int gear so she was wearing sort of 50/50 int and agi gear. (She still is. It's terrible.)
     But there's some int there and I had the bars set up and went and did a few quests in resto to try and get some of the basics down. Killing things was painfully slow, but she survived very well and I started to feel like I had a handle on it. And that's where my friend SprYte came in. She has handy warrior tanks scattered throughout the levels on both factions and it just so happened that a Night Elf we'll call Sefy was just the right level to bravely volunteer to be Naneeri's healing guinea pig and escort her through dungeons.
     That went surprisingly well. Not only did we not wipe, but in the first dungeon I had been a complete ditz with nerves and excitement and entirely forgot to change what I was queuing as. The shaman healer already in there kindly pointed out my mistake and then switched to elemental to let me give it a go. There are a lot of terrible people in random groups sometimes but that was an amazing reminder that sometimes there are some really nice ones too. He gave me a couple more tips and we were on our way.
     After a couple of dungeon runs Naneeri was well into level 49. Doing the Hallow's End quest chain this morning was enough to manage this:
     So Naneeri met my goal for her. She's now a level 50 resto shaman and I had enough fun that I've pulled one of Seish's surplus rare pets out and caged it for her to sell on her server so hopefully she'll have the coin to buy flying  in ten levels.
      And speaking of her server, it's the other one I play on that's getting merged Monday. I'm waiting very anxiously to see how all that turns out.

     Seish did yet another LFR today. Got in for the last two bosses of the Forgotten Depths, purely in hopes of getting some more of those elusive Secrets, but of course there were none to be had. If I can squeeze it in tomorrow I'll try another wing of it, even thought at this point it feels a lot like banging my head on a wall. I need nine more of the things but I just can't get them to drop. Oh well, nothing for it but to keep trying.


  1. You're very welcome! I'm so glad to have been able to help, and glad that you've had some good times with Naneeri this week :D Grats on your ding, and let us know how the realm connection thing goes.

    1. :D It was an immense help and I might start trying to level her a bit more seriously now rather than just letting her sit in Stormwind.
      Once I've had a few days to see how the realm connection ends up looking I plan on putting up a post about it. :) Hopefully it'll actually end up being full of useful and helpful information.