Friday, October 18, 2013

Connected Realms and stuff

Random screenshot of Seish on the Huolon mount above Vashj'ir. Because.

     So it looks like two of the realms I play on are listed for the next batch of realms to be connected. One of them is the server that Seish and Rim and most of my other 90s are on. I'm a little nervous about this, but also a little excited. It's a low pop pvp server. It was a low pop pvp server when I joined the guild all of the RL friends who'd talked me into joining the game were in. I don't like pvp, and had it not been for that guild and all those awesome people I probably would never have rolled on a pvp realm. But it really wasn't a bad server. I became very attached to it.
     The population of the server's only declined. The guild that used to be full of random chatter and have a person or two in it every time I logged on is usually deserted now. Seish is the GM now.  Between the declining population and CRZ it stopped being a very fun place to play on a while ago. So I can't help hoping that being Connected with another realm will pick things up again, bring some life back and make it a bit more fun.
     I also can't help being afraid that Connected Realms will make things permanently worse too. There are things I still really love about the server, like recognizing guild names and names that I see in trade chat and knowing vaguely who those people are even though I've never actually met them. I can't help being afraid that some of that will go away. Theoretically the Connected Realm would also mean more character slots on my main server effectively, but though I plan on rolling a character temporarily on the Connected server to check out how that all works I don't have any plans of actually taking advantage of those slots. Now... if they were on Tai's server? I'd probably already have them filled.
    There's nothing to do really but wait and see, and no real point to this post other than some thoughts I wanted to get off my chest. But well, I guess I can make an update post when the connection has been done and I see what it's really like. Here's hoping it will be wonderful.

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